A new-old me.

January 8, 2012

This year is a year of change for me. By change, I don’t necessarily mean any transformation. Some of the things I have changed or am planning to change, they were already my habits before. I’m just going back to it and apply it to my life again.

I am not really a fan of listing New Year’s Resolution (NYR). When I was a child, I used to list my NYR on a sheet of paper, and post it on the wall. But by February or so, I remove it simply because I wasn’t doing any of it. Since high school, I decided not to write any NYR anymore. Because I realized that a NYR was only good for the first days, weeks or months of the year. Ask anybody you know who makes that list and I bet they’ll tell you the same thing. 😉

Even without a NYR, the first week of this year turned out great for me. I am very thankful because I managed to start this year right. I just hope I could keep it up until the last day of December. No promises – just keeping up with what I have firmly decided to do.

For the meantime, I have goals and things I want to accomplish this year. No, these are not a bunch of things I consider as resolutions, but as goals. Something I would like to smile on when I try to look back and reminisce what I did this year.

  • Finish the Bible.
  • Do well in my thesis.
  • Finish 48 books.
  • Cross out somethings in my bucket list.
  • Write a book.

For the meantime I have five. And I am doing what I can to accomplish these things. Before this year ends, I will repost this and then tell you what happened. I might edit from time to time, just in case I think I need to add something. I placed ’em in my sidebar for easy access. 🙂

Oh well, 2012. Welcome the new old me.

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