I need readers, not followers

May 31, 2012

Let me ask you a question: why are you reading this blog post? Maybe you have stumbled upon my blog by chance, or by clicking the link I’ve posted in my Facebook or Twitter, or maybe Google Search led you here. But why are you here?

I started writing since I was a child and I did just for my own sake. I kept every paper I scribbled something on. Trying to keep it from anyone who reads it. But one day my Mom found one of my “masterpieces” and I got annoyed at her for reading it. It was an attempt to invade my privacy! That was what I thought. But my Mom told me, works like those, they need to be read. She asked me, “Why even write something if you don’t want anyone to read it?” And that question was the question I always asked myself when I wrote something since then. I joined the school paper, I wrote every chance I got. Most writings I kept from everyone for my own pleasure. The others, well, they read it the same way my Mom did: accidentally. And since then they always wanted to read all the things I wrote. I went through a lot of training, seminars, and workshops both in campus journalism and writing. This being the result of joining contests, press conferences and other stuff related to writing. “Write to express, not to impress.” I can’t remember how many times this saying has been mentioned during those times, but I still live by it up until now.

I am bit frustrated with the way blogging has turned out now. Before, what was considered as a blog was something which was very informative, insightful and full of sense. Now, I do not have anything against people who make personal blogs because I am one of them, but the thing is, they do not just write or blog to express what they want. They blog because they want to impress other people. ¬†They blog because they want to be a famous blogger. They blog because they want to have a lot of followers. They blog because it is the “in-thing” right now. They blog just because they want to have one. But why do I blog? Why do I write?

I write because I have something to say not because I want to say something. I write because I want to tell other people how I feel about a certain issue or thing not because I want to tell other people how they should feel. I write because I want readers not because I want followers. I write because I am compelled by my emotions and mind to write not because I compel my emotions and mind. I write because I want to express something not because I want to impress people.

I want readers, not followers. I would very much appreciate people who give criticisms as long as they are constructive and not meant to pull other people down. I would very much appreciate people commenting telling me what they think of what I wrote, not just compliments, but their opinion as well. I would very much appreciate any person who is more than willing to backread through my blog and tell me what he/she thinks about the way I write and the works I write. And if you went here to do the opposite all of these things, you might as well click that little [X] button at the upper right corner because I will not entertain any of it all. You can say all the things you want about me, my life and blog, but you can’t make me quit on doing something I love. I tell you, hating me will be a waste of time. I’d rather pray for you and talk to you in a gentle manner than to be all angry and say bad things about you because I believe that a gentle answer turns away wrath (Proverbs 15:1). And if it still doesn’t work, then let it be.

Now if you’re here to follow me, but you don’t have any intentions to read my posts, then never mind clicking the follow button. I’d go for a person who doesn’t follow me, but reads every post, and by that I mean every word, every sentence, willingly. Yes, I would appreciate people who admire me as a writer, but not to the point that I will force them to read all my works. There’s that thrill in being admired and looked up to, but I don’t want too much of it. Enough is okay. I write for myself, and not to impress other people.

I will write whenever I want to, and whatever I want to, as long as I know it won’t destroy other people’s lives. I would not let my self be told what to write. I can welcome ideas and suggestions, but never the command to write this or write that. Because I write to express. Never to impress.

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