SO-DA’s Life Without Soda

June 4, 2012

Okay. Forgive me for the lame title. But anyway, that’s not the main point.

I used to be addicted to soda. You know, everytime I eat at fast food chains, my meal does not feel complete if I don’t order a glass of soda, whatever the serving may be (Coke Float, Sprite, Royal. Regular or Large.) Even when I eat in canteens or eateries, I don’t feel I’m full until I have satisfied my craving for soda. I used to drink carbonated drinks almost everyday. Thus, my intense hyperacidity. And when I say intense, I mean excruciating. Call it hyperbole, or exaggeration, but I tell you, I cringe in pain everytime my hyperacidity attacks. My Mom used to tell me it’s not wrong to drink soda as long as my intake is in moderation. But I wanted too much. Thus, the pains. Believe me, you don’t want to experience what I did before I finally had the control to stop myself from drinking soda.

The reasons that motivated me to stop drinking soda are the following:

  • It might lessen my hyperacidity attacks.
  • I want to drink healthy.
  • Meals cost cheaper without it. (Believe me! You can actually save a good sum money in abstaining from soda! 🙂 )

Well, the last reason is actually not of much priority before. It was a late discovery I had while in the process of abstaining from soda. At first, I was in a dilemma. It is very hard to break a habit. Much more if you have been doing it for years! I remember trying so hard to control myself while seeing my friends feel so quenched from thirst with just one long sip from a bottle of soda. It was too hard that I almost wanted to grab that bottle from her and have it all to myself. But at the back of my mind, I knew this was for the best.

And so I tried to search the internet for more information about the bad effects of soda in our body. Just to appease my craving for soda when I have told myself that I do not want to have any of it anymore. And I got this poster from a certain website. It’s very clear that soda causes our body harm without us even knowing, especially if we are not really health conscious.


Soda has been associated with bone and tooth decay, obesity, diabetes, heart failure, and other diseases or slow deterioration of the body. Having an intake of soda with an empty stomach may probably lead to ulcer, too! Yes, some people might claim that the artificial sweeteners in a soda can actually do a bit good to our body, but that’s not yet proven. Besides, I remember when I was in highschool when we had this baking workshop thing in school, our speaker told us that one 12oz bottle of soda is actually a better cleaner for toilet bowls compared to muriatic acid. Just imagine how much acid there is in a bottle of soda!

As of now, it has been more than a year since I last drank a glass of soda, even half, or just a sip. But I have no regrets, and I have no plans of drinking it again in the future. My life has been so much better without it! I don’t have hyperacidity attacks anymore, and when I don’t eat on time (which sometimes happens in school) I don’t feel so much pain unlike before. I even tell my family and my friends how I sometimes have dreams where I start to drink soda again and then end up being so much sick, hospitalized, or even dead after I did. My Mom told me it’s just a reminder that I should not drink soda again.

How did I actually control myself to not drink it anymore? Well that’s a bit hard in the beginning, but it will be as simple as 1,2,3 when you’ve gotten used to it!

  1. Evaluate your life with too much intake of soda.
  2. Make your own research on the bad effects of soda in your body.
  3. Make a list (written or unwritten, in paper or just in your mind) of the things you are experiencing when you know you’ve had too much soda.
  4. If you eat out, especially in fast food chains, do not order meals that are “package deals”. You know, those meals which are accompanied by a glass of soda. Opt to choose meals that do not come with it. Order a glass of water instead. It’s free!
  5. If by chance your friends or your relatives tempt you to have a sip or have a glass, control yourself. Think of the bad effects it can cause your body instead of giving in to their temptation. Think that you do not want it instead of wanting it. Remember, mind over matter!
  6. If you will eat in canteens or other places, instead of ordering soda, order other drinks ONCE IN A WHILE. Remember that too much sugar in juices can also harm the body. Regulate your intake. Water is still the safest and best drink.
  7. Always remind yourself to say “No.” whenever someone asks you if you want to have a glass. If you do this with consistency, these people will not ask you anymore in the long run.
  8. It is best if you always bring bottled water or a small water container with you. Saves you the cost of buying mineral water or even soda!
  9. Think of the actual savings you can have without you having the need to buy soda for every meal!
  10. Evaluate your life without soda. How much has changed?

It’s just a matter of discipline and having that desire to control yourself from having intakes of drinks that can harm your body. I know it will be hard but once you see that life is so much better without soda, you won’t even feel any envy when your friends try to tease you when they drink soda. 😉

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  • Reply Veron June 4, 2012 at 1:30 pm

    Ahhh. I feel your pain. I don't drink soda anymore as well. I excessively burp whenever I do so I decided I had to stop. It's hard especially if you see your friends drink and get refreshed after just one sip. Not to mention the water droplets dripping from the bottle that just seems so inviting. I agree though meals cause cheaper. I've saved a considerably large amount due to me giving up on soda. 😀

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