Food for thought

July 9, 2012

I have this habit of taking down stuff – quotes, bible verses, lyrics to a song, movie quotes, or something that I hear from people. I bought a small, handy notebook a month ago and decided to write those “notes” that I always take down so that I can share it with people.

My “Food for Thought” notebook is really handy and cute. The mere fact why I bought it is because of its design. Aside from my habit of taking down “notes”, I also have this habit of buying notebooks, big or small, without having any idea of what I am supposed to do with it. I’m happy with what I’ve done with this one.


Here are two pages from it. I actually haven’t filled it up yet. I write down statements, words, quotes or verses which affect me the moment I hear it or read it. It’s actually a good habit. Not will it only come in handy with my personal life, but also, everytime I need to do essays or presentations, I can include them if the theme is parallel to it.

 You might want to make one for yourself! It’s actually a good habit. 🙂

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