July 17, 2012

We all have that stranger in our lives. A stranger who used to be the one you would always be with at any time of the day. A stranger who used to be the one who meant all the world to you at one point in your life. A strange who used to be the person you planned your future with. Strangers who left but never really said goodbye.

One day you wake up and realize that the feeling is not just the same anymore. One day you realize you took it all for granted and then you try to patch things up only to find out it was too late. One day you wake up and the rest is history. It’s like one day someone flicked a switch somewhere and they became someone you don’t know. All the memories forgotten. Every smile erased. Every tear vanished. And search hard as they would, turn the world upside down as much as they could, the memory was lost. Without any warning. Without any bad signal. Gone. In a blink of an eye.

Isn’t it crazy the way we chase after each other? Funny thing is, there are tons of people who are more than willing to offer us the universe and yet we chase after that one person who can’t even give us a star. It’s like always dropping by a store and staring at something we could not afford. It’s like always looking at a place we could never go to. It’s like we unconsciously enjoy the suffering of not having that one thing we have always wanted.

Some of us really don’t understand that one cannot really go away without ever saying goodbye. One cannot end it all without ever saying farewell. One cannot expect it to be okay without saying adieu. They think that goodbyes could be too painful and that they can skip it and fast forward it to moving on. Yes, it’s true. Goodbyes do hurt. But not as much as being dropped of without being told of the reason.

There are always two sides to the story: the one who left, and the one who stayed. And most of the time, if not, always, the one who stayed never really have plans of leaving. They still end up waiting for something to happen. They still end up for another chance at what ended. They still hope that one day, no matter how much of a stranger both of them had become, they will bring back how it used to be before. Until one day they realize that that’s all they will ever be now – strangers. Strangers again. Here’s a question so oftenly asked but seldomly answered: why do they become strangers?

Too much pain? Maybe. Change of heart? Probably. Individual differences? Perhaps. What are all these but mere reasons? That’s the answer: reasons. We choose to leave because we have our own reasons. We choose to play safe and stay at the middle because we have reasons. We choose to stay because we have our own reasons. Most of the time selfish, arrogant and full of pride, but we all have reasons.  Reasons to never give up. Reasons to hope for. Reasons to hold on.

We all want another chance at some things, another shot, another risk. Maybe this time it would be different. Maybe this time he/she will not end up as a stranger anymore. Maybe it will last. But another chance, another shot, another risk are all other opportunes for pain, for anguish, for “strangers again”. There are stranger stories with forewarnings, ones with goodbyes, but the most painful ones are those which have none.

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  • Reply ♣ lily ♣ July 18, 2012 at 11:26 am

    aww. Funny that whenever I read posts like this, I think of this one person. haha. Srsly. @_@

  • Reply Elaine July 18, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    I so can feel you here. It does hurt a lot knowing that the only person who makes you happy turned out to be a stranger again. i so can relate to this.

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