Farewell, 2012!

January 3, 2013

Hi everyone! I am deeply sorry for not being able to update my blog as often as I did before. School stuff have piled up more than expected, plus we’re really struggling with our thesis. I was supposed to come up with a year-end post, but I failed to. Instead, I’ll be posting this.

Dear 2012,

Thank you for the memories. Thank you for molding me into a stronger person, for making me believe in things I’ve forgotten to believe in the past years. Thank you for making me keep the faith more and bringing me closer to God. Thank you for teaching me to let go of people that do not deserve to stay in my life. Thank you for letting me take risks, for letting me meet people who I never thought would mean so much, but are worth the wait and the love. I’m sorry I’ve failed a lot of people, disappointed a few and even provoked to anger some. I am a work in progress and so far, you, of all the years in the duration of my existence, have been the toughest on me. Something I’m not holding as a grudge against you but an encouragement!

I am proud to say that you gave me the chance to accomplish seven items in my unfinished Bucket List (which currently has 61 items). I know it’s just 9.8% of my Bucket List, but hey, that’s better than nothing, right? Besides, of the 61 items I have listed, currently, I’ve crossed out 12. And I still have a lot of things to do in mind.

Oh well. All’s well that ends well. I’ve been through a lot this year. You started and ended in ways I never could have imagined. There may have been tears shed, a lot of them actually. There may have been days that I felt bad and damaged, but still I got through it all.  My relationships with the people I love were not at all perfect. I may have been criticized, judged, and hated both knowingly and unknowingly. But one important thing I learned this year is that it’s okay to take risks. It’s a brave thing to do to face those people who try to break you with silence and a smile. God was, is, and will always be there for me. I have learned to trust more and keep the faith. I hope this year will lead me closer to Him!

Farewell, 2012. You will always be remembered. Never forgotten!

Thanks for making me stronger,


Cheers to 2013! May everyone have a blessed and fun-filled year ahead!
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