What’s nice about NICE2013

January 30, 2013

I just came home this morning from a four-day convention from Laguna which is the National Innocation Conference on Education (NICE2013). At first, I was really nervous that my parents won’t permit me to attend the said event because of personal matters. But I’m very thankful they did because it was a very wonderful experience! I was there to attend the awarding for our college publication, Scientia, was one of the many newly accredited clubs of UNESCO.

We left for Laguna last Friday, January 25, 2013 on a rented van. It was never a dull moment during our trip since I was with the best bunch of people! From Legazpi to Laguna, our trip lasted for almost 13 hours because we had to stop over every now and then whenever someone needed to pee or got hungry.

Upon our arrival, we “taped” an episode for GenTV (a parody of KrisTV hosted by my friend, Mheljor General.) There was nothing to do yet in the morning since it was allotted for the registration of the delegates so we just checked in our rooms and fixed our things after taking a few pictures.

From L-R, Jervie, me and Mhelj the moment we got out of the van.

Here’s my NICE ID!

After the awarding for the Outstanding UNESCO Clubs. Congratulations, United Nations Youth Association of the Philippines Bicol University Chapter (UNYAP-BU)! Proud to be a member.Wait, where’s Joco, Mhelj, Jervie and Cai?

Here’s Governor ER delivering his solidarity message.

Here’s a photo with Governor ER and his lovely wife together with the complete delegation of UNYAP-BU.

After that, we were supposed to go to Enchanted Kingdom. We actually got inside, but that’s a very long stooory. Anyway, we just had the rest of the night to ourselves and prepared for the next day.

Here’s a photo of us for the second day before the start of the second plenary session in the morning! Tiray and Katya missing in action.

Sir Jaime Guerrero, our beloved UNYAP-BU adviser, giving a short talk about BYEEnihan.

After Sir Jaime’s talk!

The second night, we went to Sta. Cruz for the Governor’s night. This was only one of the many outstanding performances that night brought to us by Sikada. You should’ve seen this live! It was breathtaking! Plus our friend Chups was called on stage by Ate Gay.

This is Nat, a Youth Peace Ambassador from Thailand. I failed to get his full name though. He looks a bit like David Chua.

From L-R, Esha, Bong and Ana. These two girls are our new found friends from Malaysia.

Our second night was a night well spent full of fun and excitement!

We went home very tired but the rest of them still managed to swim in the jacuzzi up until 3 AM. I didn’t join them because I was feeling too lazy to swim plus I had my contact lens on. We slept after they finished swimming. The next day, we prepped up for the city tour (since not all of us would be able to join the Pagsanjan Falls Tour). We went to our National Hero’s tallest shrine and the house where he and his family stayed when they were still alive.

We went to the tallest monument of Rizal, which is 22 ft. My other friends, who are also students of Ma’m Hubilla (our Rizal prof) were playing around that Ma’m should give us flat 1 for this!

Before going inside Rizal’s house, Cai, Jervie and I bought raw mangoes! Yum!

Since we weren’t allowed to go inside the house while eating, the museum curator, (I forgot her name though) gave us briefing on what the place was all about and what was inside the house.

Do I make a good Josephine Bracken? I kid. 😉

Here are two of the panorama shots I took inside the house. I srsly loved the ambiance inside!

Almost complete. Again, Tiray and Katya missing in action!

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

Before going to the Nagcarlan Cemetery, we went to Liliw first to have our lunch and most of us bought shoes because of the very cheap prices! After our picture taking in the cemetery, we went back to the hotel and changed so that we could swim in the jacuzzi. We had to cut it short because we had to prepare for the cultural night. We just did last minute preparations for it since time was very limited. We decided to sing Sarung Banggi with a twist: cups from Pitch Perfect. I don’t have pictures of us during the cultural night, so let’s proceed to the last day!

During the action planning workshop. It was fulfilling!

After the action planning workshop!

We had two speakers in the morning. Sir Leon Flores III and Mr. Jose Maria Lorenzo Tan. Both talks were very inspiring and motivating!

After the oath taking of the new set of officers. Congratulations again, Sir Jaime!

Congratulations again, Scientia! Let this be the start of something new!

Our whole delegation (minus Tiray) with Mr. Tan.

With our new found friends from Malaysia.

With Sir Serafin Arviola.

What can I say? Everything was nice about NICE. While I was there sitting on my chair during plenary sessions and keynote addresses, I felt some form of regret deep inside me. I regret not being active during my first years in college. But I am very thankful that I was able to participate in an out-of-school activity during my last year in college, not to mention be able to experience it with the best group of people I’ve ever met! Here’s one thing I realized during NICE: no matter how dull an event can get, it will never be that way when you are with the best people. Something was changed within me, I know. The talks, the plenary sessions, the action planning workshop, the whole experience – they motivated me to do more and be the best I can be. I told myself my part in this UNESCO journey will not end the moment I graduate in college, instead, it will be a start to take more things seriously when it comes to different advocacies. Even considering a UNESCO-related job is not far. I asked Sir Jaime about possible jobs related to it and I am liking the idea. 😉

I’ll end this blog post with a quote Mr. Tan left us during his keynote address, “If you are not part of the solution, then, you are part of the problem.” I will def try my very best to be part of the solution!

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