Haiku Notebook

March 2, 2013

 I remember mentioning here in my blog before that I buy notebooks out of impulse, especially when they’re cute – meaning I just buy things without having anything in mind on what it’s future will be in my hands. The story of this notebook is no different at all.

I decided to make this as my “Haiku Notebook” (of course my Filed Doodle Planner not included, okay? 😉 ). I know not all people appreciate haikus and not all people are into it. I actually got inspired by Tyler Knott Gregson. He actually makes haikus with ease and almost everyday. So I decided, why not make my own ones? Here are some of the contents of this lovely notebook.



Currently, I have more than 10. It’s not an everyday thing, so I’m not pressuring myself. I’m still trying my best to come up with better haikus.  I aim to fill this up before the year ends. 🙂

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