Murrad Osmann: Beyond Wonderful

March 6, 2013

I saw this on my Tumblr dashboard last week while trying to take a break from all the stress acads brought me. I was at a loss for words when I saw these photos. Wonderful? Nah, not even close. Beautiful? That would be an understatement. Brilliant? Quite, but not the exact word I’m looking for. I stared at these photos for a few minutes ‘till I finally realized how lovely the concept was. I was not satisfied with just five photos so I tried to look for more. Good thing the post had a link which was the source of the photos. Lo and behold, it was an Instagram account of a certain Muradosmann. I was more than astounded. Most of the photos in it were his and his girlfriend’s hand, holding on to each other wherever they went. Here are a few of my favorite photos in his account.

I hope someday I could take photos like these, too. Travel and hold someone for keeps. Maybe, most probably, with the right man.

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