Movie Madness: It Takes a Man and a Woman

April 8, 2013

Disclaimer: This is not a movie review so don’t expect something so formal. 🙂

After all the posts and the stories I was able to see, read and hear both in the internet and from people, I decided to watch It Takes a Man and a Woman. I won’t go on telling you the summary of the story, but I encourage you to know it yourself.

I still can’t get over the KV (kilig vibes) their tandem gives me. I love how Laida (Sarah Geronimo) portrayed a braver, bolder, stronger, wiser and fiercer Laida Magtalas after their break-up. And Miggy (John Lloyd Cruz), oh Miggy. Random confession: I have a huge crush on JLC since I was a child! Yep, back in his Nagbibinata days. Okay, going back, I love how Miggy comes up with something to win Laida back everytime they’re not okay. Oh, what kind of girl wouldn’t want someone like Miggy Montenegro? He’s for keeps.

I also enjoyed Zoila, John Rae and Vincent. Well, I loved them since A Very Special Love because of their humor. Especially John Rae’s punchlines and Zoila’s wit! The way they called Laida, Sup-Laida Magtalas and Miggy, Miggy Montemonyo. And the way they turned around the kilig scenes of the first two movies (i.e. “Lock the door when you leave.”, “Gaano kaclose?”, etc)

Also, hands down to their acting. I felt every emotion they portrayed whether it was happy or sad, bitter or hurting or whatever. I cried when Laida and her father reconciled. That scene just touched my heart so much. Plus, the scene in front of the elevator when Miggy asked Laida why she doesn’t want to finish the contract. I somehow “felt” the tears and I had goosebumps when they exchanged vows. There were unexpected events, but all in all, I am amazed at how their story turned out. In short, I love everything about the movie!

I actually took note of the lines in the movie that really stood out for me. I was looking for the full transcript of Luis Montenegro’s (Miggy’s father) speech about Miggy, but I just can’t find one since this is just almost two weeks old. Anyway, will update this once I get a full transcript!

John Rae: Blooming ka ngayon, inlove ka ba?
LaidaPorket blooming, inlove agad‘Di ba pwedeng nagmahal noon, umasa noon, nasaktan noon pero nakamove-on na ngayon?

LaidaAno ang kailangan nating gawin para makamit natin ang kanilang matamis na oo?
Miggy: We buy it!
LaidaBinabayaran mo ang oo ng nililigawan mo? Parang wala naman akong nakuhang bayad noon.
MiggyAko ba nanligaw noon?

Tara! Laro tayo ng taguan. Taguan ng feelings. – John Rae

Kasi akala ko okay na okay na ako. Pero hindi eh, kasi hanggang ngayon andito parin, masakit pa rin. – Laida Magtalas

LaidaPa’no ho ba magpatawad?
BabyGusto mo na ba? Dahil desisyon yun, Laida. Nung mga unang araw na nagkabalikan kami ng Tatay mo, sa cellphone ko may nakalagay, “Piliin mong magpatawad. Piliin mong magmahal.” At inuulit ko yun araw-araw kasi kahit sa edad kong ito, mahirap.
LaidaNay, pa’no niyo ho kinuha yun?
Baby: Kinaya ko kasi, mahal ko siya. ‘Di ba may kasabihan, love is a choice. Ganun din ang pagpapatawad. Pipiliin mo rin yun, Laida. Araw-araw. 

And then I lost you. Parang nawala na lahat. – Miggy Montenegro

I messed up. I messed up big time. Kaya kung ‘di mawawala yung galit mo, kung ‘di mo ko mapapatawad, maiintindihan ko because I deserve it. – Miggy Montenegro

I’m sorry for failing you. I’m sorry for hurting you. – Miggy Montenegro

Sana ‘di na lang ako bumalik para I’m the one that got away. Now, you’re the one that got away. And I’m just the girl you choose to let go. – Belle Laurel

Madalas sa kagustuhan nating maging pinakamagaling, nakakalimutan nating maging mabuti. We lose sight of the fact that everyday is a struggle to just be better. Doing good is what kept my family together… for the future of our children, and for our children’s children. It’s not the easiest, but that is probably the best legacy that a person can leave behind – to always believe in goodness and just be a good man. – Luis Montenegro

Miggy: Mr. and Mrs. Magtalas, gusto ko ho sana mag-apply sa inyo ng trabaho
TomasSa sapatusan?
Miggy: As Laida’s husband, Sir. And I’m willing to do everything just to qualify for the position.
Baby: Maraming salamat at nagpaalam ka muna sa amin, pero si Laida lang ata ang makakasagot niyan eh.
Laida: Pa’no ‘yan, magiging based ako sa New York for a while?
Miggy: I, just took an indefinite leave.
Art: That’s my signature there.
Miggy: I can just be with you and just be your husband while we’re in New York I’ll support you. I can run Flippage from there. Laida, all my life, my pursuit was always to be the best – to be number one. And now all I want is for you to feel that you’re number one for me, and that you will always be my only one. I love you. I love you, Laida Magtalas. And this is the man I want to be. And for the first time in my life, I want to be last. *kneels* I want to be the last man you’ll ever love. Can I be that man?
Laida: First and last? You’re hired.

Laida: Noon, pinangarap ko lang mahalin ng isang Miggy Montenegro. Ngayon, nagpapasalamat ako at hindi na ako naghintay ng ganun katagal para matupad ang pangarap ko na ‘yon. Hindi nagging madali ang love story natin. Ilang beses din akong napagod at sumuko. Matagal bago ko naintindihan na walang instant happy ending. I never realized that I failed to understand the true meaning of unconditional love. Of love that I always thought and I perfectly had for you.

Miggy: Five years ago, during one of the worst days of my life, when everyone was walking out on me, a girl walked into my life, and I never thought that, that day, hindi ko na alam na yun palang kaharap ko, yun pala ang future ko.

Laida: Patawarin mo sana ako sa mga, sa mga oras na sumuko ako. Ganun pala pag nagmahal ka ng totoo, kasama lahat ng maganda, ng pangit, ng malungkot, ng masakit. Ngayon, kaharap mo ang isang Laida na alam na alam ng buong-buo ang pinapasok niya. Isang Laida na hindi lang happily ever after ang gusto, kundi isang Laida na pinipili ang reality ever after with you. Mahal na mahal kita, Bebe ko. Mahal na mahal kita at wala na kong ibang nakikitang gawin kundi ang mahalin ka at pagsilbihan ka buong buhay ko. Kaya maraming salamat for hiring me once again as your EA. Your Eternal Assistant. Pwede ring, wait, pwede ring MA.
MiggyAno yun?
Laida: Maternal Assistant para sa magiging babies natin. Lord, thank You. Thank You. Hindi Mo alam kung gaano ako kaexcited dahil pagmulat ng mga mata ko mamayang umaga, si  good morning husband na mismo ang kaharap ko, ang kausap ko ang mamahalin ko forever!
Miggy: Today I realized. I won’t be making any vows for my wedding. No.
Laida: Why?
Miggy: Because this is not a day for promises. Today, I stand here, in front of you, in complete surrender. I have no worries, I have no fear, because I know, and I know because I’m sure, and I’m sure because I’m yours. God bless our marriage. And God bless me for wanting 12 kids with you.

Miggy: I love you
Laida: I love you too.
Miggy: So much.
Laida: Noon at ngayon, pati na rin in between.
Miggy: Laida ang Miggy, version 3.0!

Tell me what you think about the movie once you’ve finished watching it and I hope you enjoyed the It Takes a Man and a Woman quotes!

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    This one of my fave JL’s movie with sarah..super nkakaka kilig,,sna soon magkaroon ulit sila

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