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April 26, 2013

I believe in a lot of things. You call a person who believes in God a theist. You call a person who believes in a higher power an agnostic. But what do you call a person who strongly believes in many things?

I believe in God. I believe in His existence. I believe that He created the world. I believe that He made man in His own image and likeness. I believe He listens to every prayer, He comforts every sorrow-stricken soul and He blesses us with both wants and needs as long as it is according to His plan. I believe God allows people to walk in and out of our lives for a reason, or even reasons. I believe He has planned out everything beautifully though at times it may break our hearts. I believe He has been there, He still is there and He will always be there throughout life’s ups and downs. If there is one thing I believe in that I definitely won’t give up, it is that I know my God is true, no matter how other people try to tell me that He isn’t. I know for sure He is real, the Bible tells me so and I’ve felt Him work in my life for countless number of times.

I believe in love. While I acknowledge it as a feeling, I strongly believe it is still a choice. I believe people fall in and out of love as a feeling and as a choice. I believe it can change, make or break a person’s perspectives and how he/she decides to go on with his/her life. I believe love can soften the hardest heart, and make the most loving heart numb. Love doesn’t necessarily make the world go round. It just makes you feel and believe that way. Love can cause people to be happy and sad, angry and insane. Love can even make people go crazy. I believe that unrequited love is the hardest, and unconditional love, the best. There are different kinds of love that the books and people tell us. But you’ll never know what the difference(s) is(/are) in each kind of love if you’ve never felt it. I strongly believe that one day, you’ll wake up next to one person and realize why it never actually worked out with anyone else.

I believe in change. I believe pain changes people voluntarily and involuntarily. I believe that change is necessary for a person as long as he lives. It depends upon him/her if he/she wants to change for the better or for the worse. Change, in cliche, is the only constant thing in this world. Isn’t it ironic? That the only thing constant, the only permanent thing in this world, is something that is not constant on it’s own? Do you even wonder how many sheets of paper a person wastes in his/her entire lifetime trying to draft or write his/her New Year’s resolutions every year (that are actually good for the whole month of January till the first weeks of February)? Like for example, how many times has a person thought of what he/she needs to change so that people won’t hate him/her, or so that he/she could carry out his/her changed perspectives, beliefs and principles? How many minutes, hours, days, weeks or even years does a person spend collectively throughout his/her lifetime considering what to change in his/her life just so he/she could adapt to the inconsistent world and times? Change defines what we went through and who or what we want to be. And I believe, that no person has died, dies, or will ever die without undergoing change. Voluntarily and involuntarily.

I believe in happiness. I believe that people shouldn’t rely their happiness on things so temporary and unsure so as to avoid pain and the difficulty of letting it go. I believe that if you purposely chase your happiness, it will be harder to obtain. Believe me, I’ve been through this road more often than I actually wanted, telling myself that maybe this time, the new story won’t be like the old ones. But life happens, and they end up all the same – leaving me hurt, bruised or broken. But what makes me proud about all the pain I have experienced while trying to run after happiness is the mere fact that despite all of it, I learned. It led me to believe that true happiness is in God. It comes from Him. If it’s not from Him, it won’t be for long. As common as this line may be but I’ll say it anyway, “Let go, let God.” It’s okay to pursue things as long as you don’t exhaust all your God-given time, talents and efforts just for one thing or person. I believe that God’s plan for everyone is to be happy. But people blame God for everything that’s wrong in their life and never appreciate the beauty of correction. Sometimes rejection is God’s redirection. People made it too complicated though, that’s why some people die in misery.

I believe in both the good and the bad. The positive and the negative. The problems and the solutions. The questions and the answers. The laughter and the tears. Why did I mention these words together and not alone? It’s because I firmly believe that you will never appreciate the good(in whatever aspect) had there been no opposite of that certain thing, emotion or event. Let me ask you this, had God only given us blessings and no corrections at all, would we still look up to Him in prayer? Had our friends only made us laugh but not cry, would our friendship be as strong as it is now? Had we not been given problems, would we still appreciate life when all there is in this world is joy? It really amazes me how God has created the world and everything in it wonderfully. How things fall in and out of place in times you least expect it to.

They say the things you believe in define who you are, or if not, they say a lot about what your heart really feels or what you aspire to be. I believe in a lot of things. I reckon these five words aren’t even enough, these are just a few. My list goes on and on, and there are still a lot of things I add to it as the days, weeks and years go by. If these aren’t even enough to stand up each time I fall, pick myself up when the world shatters me into pieces and accept the fact that sometimes you just have to move on and focus on living your life forward than backwards, then I don’t know what is.

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