Why I Love Tyler Knott

April 2, 2013

I was browsing my Tumblr dashboard around July last year when I saw a friend reblog this post. I stumbled upon a blog that I didn’t know would mean so much to me after. Want to know what actually made me look on that blog? Here.

 After reading that piece, my life was changed forever. I went on his tumblr and backread everything. I even saved up all his Typewriter Series images, all for my “personal use”. You see, friends, I am a sucker for words. I love it when words are either put together similarly or just juxtaposed in a manner that brings out thoughts and emotions deeper than you think they could possibly be. That’s what I love about Tyler Knott.

I love how Tyler Knott Gregson is so friendly despite the fact that he’s some sort of “online celebrity” with the number of followers he has on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram (and yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am one of the many followers in ALL those social networking sites. 😉 ) I tried tweeting him more often, and he has responded too, unexpectedly. That’s what I love about Tyler Knott.

The way he contructs his Daily Haiku is just so amazing. It’s as if he has the perfect choice of 17 words all the time. Truth be told, he inspired me to make my own Haiku notebook which I blogged about here. That’s what I love about Tyler Knott.

He captures images and teams it up with prose or thoughts that entice you to look in the picture and try to feel what he felt during the moment he took the photo. It’s like his soul was created, meant to let people feel every possible emotion that there is to feel. That’s what I love about Tyler Knott.

I do hope I could see him in person one day. Maybe when he gets the chance to visit the Philippines, or I get the chance to visit where he is and just try to ask him about life, love and how he comes up with lovely prose and poetry. Who his muse is and how he never runs out of words to melt a person’s heart. And maybe I’ll tell him more why, of all the blogs I read, his blog is my top 1 favorite. Visit his blog! 🙂 http://tylerknott.com

Note: Photo not mine, grabbed it from withtwowings.org

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  • Reply Tyler Knott Gregson September 8, 2013 at 5:11 am

    I found this post so very randomly, and I am blown away and moved beyond belief at your kindness. Thank you, so very much for this, you have no idea how much it means to me. I am sorry it took me this long to see it. Thank you. So much.

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