Conquering heights

May 27, 2013

If you’ve seen my bucket list, then I’m sure you read Wall Climb there. And guess what? I already crossed that out! This may seem to be a bit late, but I’ll still be sharing my experience!

As some of you may know, (meaning we’re either friends in person or mere Facebook friends) I’ve been brisk walking and jogging in Puro (or Legazpi Boulevard) for more than a month now. Everytime we pass by this wall climbing spot in Embarcadero, Madam, my Mum’s friend, always looks at me while smiling and asks me, “O ano? Kailan na tayo aakyat?” And I just answer with a smile. I don’t know what actually came into my mind when I included that (and even ziplining) in my bucket list. I even wanted to remove it because it seemed to scary, but I decided to retain it anyway. Then last week, Thursday to be exact, she asked me again if I wanted to try it out. I hesitated and told her I wasn’t prepared.

Then the next day came.

I was joking around with my Mum that I should back out right then and there. The wall is 59 feet high. And as you can see, there are line markers from the bottom to the top. All in all, that’s 11 (12, if you include the top-most part.) But the guy who assisted us and the others who were working there, encouraged me to try it out. Madam was the first one who went up since they only had one rope.

And yes, she reached the top, ladies and gentlemen! I was encouraged to really try it out because she made it seem so easy! Lol. So it was my turn!

Out of 11 or 12 markers, I only reached the 8th. But that’s better than nothing right? I told myself I needed to prepare more next time. My knees were really shaking and my hands were all tired when I reached the 8th line marker. I climbed twice, but the second time, I only reached the 5th or 6th marker. It felt amazing! I really felt my heart pumping so fast and the adrenaline rush. The view from up there while climbing didn’t really looked too high from the ground (or is it just me?). It was not all easy for me, though. I may have conquered my fear of heights, but it wasn’t that easy.

I realized my “successful” wall-climbing experience that evening was a bit symbolic. I knew I wanted to reach the top. I believe I started it right by praying before anything else. While struggling to reach the top, I paused every now and then just to regain my strength. I heard the people who believed in me shouting, “Kaya mo ‘yan. Sige lang!” from behind me at the top of their lungs. They trusted that I could finish what I started. I looked back when I can’t hear what they were saying (what rock to put my right or left foot on, what rock should I reach with my right or left hand, etc.) but the height of the distance didn’t scare me. When my knees were shaking and my hands were quivering, I heard two people from afar shout, “Sana mahulog ka! Hahaha.” and “Aaaay. Babagsak na ‘yan.” But they didn’t matter. I chose to listen to what those people who were guiding me were saying. In the end, I may not have reached the top-most part, but I gave all my best. There’s still time to prepare myself for next time and there’s willingness to try again. It’s just like life. You have to (1) know what to put first (in this case, prayer and God), (2) who to listen to (those who believe that you can) and (3) don’t let other people bring you down (the two people who wished I fell down). Never depend on your own strength only. Admitting you are weak is a sign of being strong. Never listen to people who have nothing but negative things to say. Put God first and everything will follow. ☺

So, what’s next in my bucket list? That I am not sure of yet. And I’ll just let the thrill of spontaneity take me there!

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