Happiness Jar!

May 22, 2013

Since January, I’ve been planning to make my own happiness jar. I actually heard it from a friend who said he had one. And I thought that it was a good idea.

Basically, a happiness jar is just a jar, stuffed with strips of “memories”. Just a word or two of what made you smile or happy. What you do is you list down any happy moment, and just put in the jar. On the last day of the year (or it depends upon your preference of time frame), you open all the strips and be surprised how even the smallest of things have made you happy. I asked a friend to canvass a nice jar for me, but he said it was too expensive. What I did was, I just listed down the happy memories I can recall to prepare for my happiness jar. I also searched the internet for a few examples of a happiness jar and they all looked so nice!

During this year’s Labor Day, Mum and I went out to go thrift shopping. But she suddenly felt tired because of the intense heat that day and we ended up just window shopping. I saw this cute jar, which only cost me Php 50, that’s why I bought it without any hesitation. I got too preoccupied with stuff and felt lazy to work on it because I’m not really an artsy kind of person. But guess what? I worked on it today!

I just used (1) construction paper, my FILED! planner (for checking on the happy moments) and the jar itself; (2) cut construction paper and (3) pens.

I didn’t want to put in just strips of paper, so I searched the web for instructions on simple heart origami. I wrote the memories in the middle of the paper so that it’s not visible from outside the jar.

So I just stuffed the jar with hearts and I really felt happy looking back. The past four months have been a rollercoaster, but very, very happy!

Right now, my jar has 50 hearts, meaning 50 reasons that made me happy from January up until this month. I suggest you guys come up with your own happiness jar, too! It’s fun working on something like this.

Tell me about it, or send me a beep once you post about your own happiness jar. I’ll tell you the highlights of the jar before this year ends. I wish everyone happiness!

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