On the CSE and being a CSE Professional Level Passer

May 30, 2013

I took the Civil Service Examination (CSE) – Professional Level last April 14, 2013. Not that it was all planned out or anything but I did list it down in my 2013 bucketlist.

Just a brief intro on what the CSE is(for those who don’t have any idea), civil service examinations are examinations implemented in various countries for admission to the civil service. They are intended as a method to achieve an effective, rational public administration on a merit system (taken from Wikipedia). Well to keep things simple, according to my Mum, if your course is a non-board course, then the CSE is the basis of your eligibility to work, well, sort of. And since I took up BS Information Technology, which we all know has no board exams, I decided to push through in taking the CSE. General information about the said exam can be found here.

Just yesterday, May 29, 2013, the Civil Service Commission released the results of the April 14 examinations were released!



I had a hard time downloading the PDF for our region because of the heavy traffic CSC’s site was experiencing due to the people accessing it. I whispered a prayer of thanksgiving to Him because this is an answered prayer, immediately texted Mum and Dada that I passed and posted on Facebook also.

Unlike others who decide to enroll in review classes for this, I only did two things: review by myself and pray. Thanks to Chups for lending me his CSE reviewer! And don’t go on telling me that “praying” for an exam is such a cliche because I value my faith in God that much that I surrendered every intention of passing to Him. Even prayed for acceptance on whatever the result will be. All I can say is that He is faithful and He answers prayers. 🙂

Anyway, here are a few tips I could spare for those who will be taking the exam on October or any schedule given by the CSC.

Before the examination:

  1. Know when the next schedule of examination is and the dates for the start and end of the submission for applications.
  2. Make sure you read all the needed requirements. Check it out here. If it would be easier for you, make a checklist so that you’ll be sure you won’t forget anything.
  3. Follow what is in the list of requirements. The CSC is very strict especially when it comes to the photo you have to submit for the application form.
  4. Do not “feel like Superman or the Flash” and act as if you could accomplish all papers needed in a day (I know in some cases, it is possible) but be prepared for setbacks (i.e. your ID is not valid anymore, your picture is not valid, etc.). So if I were you, make sure all your requirements are complete and submit them before the last day of the submission of applications.
  5. Once you have submitted it, make sure your exam permit is in a safe place. Note that it is needed on the examination day.
  6. STUDY. Some say that the CSE is just like an aptitude test or that you’ll have to use only your stock knowledge. But of course it would be better to come prepared, right?
  7. Focus on your “weakness.” I spent two to three nights before the exam day studying for Math. The first sentence in this item is the reason.
  8. The night before the exam day, prepare all needed stuff, relax, pray and sleep early!
During the examination:
  1. Come to the testing center 30 minutes before the exam time. Believe me, it helps a lot since you could use that time to look for your exam room and be relaxed on your seat.
  2. Instead of switching your phone to silent mode, switch it off.
  3. Make sure to listen to the proctors’s instructions. You have to listen to them carefully on what you can or cannot do to your exam sheet, questionnaire and most especially on cheating.
  4. During the examination, focus on your waterloo first. In my case, I answered all Math questions first before I answered the others on my exam. By God’s grace, I finished the exam.
  5. It’s okay to move your head because if you don’t, you might end up having stiff neck after the exam. But don’t look at others and others’ exam sheets.

These are just general ones. I can’t really disclose any other information about the examination since it is against the law. I hope it would be of help anyway!

God bless to the next CSE takers!

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  • Reply Mark December 4, 2013 at 8:28 pm

    I passed. Thank God. God helps those who helped themselves. Amen. Glory to God.

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