My 25 Before 25 List

June 12, 2013

I was up during the wee hours of June 7 and couldn’t really sleep. Then I suddenly remembered Sir Jaime talking to us in the extension office about his 25 things to do before he reaches 25 years old. So I suddenly thought of making my own list of 25 before 25. These are basically the things I want to do or have before reaching 25 years of age (which is obviously five years from now.) I tried hard to think of things that are not included in my bucketlist, well you know, for a change. But I included one or two which I really want to have been crossed out from my bucketlist before 25. So here it goes!

Started: June 7, 2013
Ending on: October 24, 2017

  1. Learn how to drive. I’ve been very persistent to learn how to drive! I want to go on a roadtrip with my family and friends someday. Mum said it would be impractical to learn how to drive a car without actually having one. But I trust that I will learn within the next five years. Positive!
  2. Have a stable job. Who doesn’t want to have one? I know it would sound impractical for others to read or hear this, but I don’t aspire for too much salary. I just want to be where I truly belong. What would you do with a job which pays you thousands and thousands of money and yet you don’t really feel happy with what you are doing. So I want to have a stable job that’s really for me. Somewhere I really belong. God’s will for me.
  3. Go out of the country. Whether to work or just a short vacation, I want to see other parts of the world and make fun memories! I believe I have to save up for this.
  4. Finish a hundred books. I think this one’s going to be real hard. I’ve realize the past month that my reading pace has really been so slow. Back when I was in elementary and highschool, I can read five to eight books in one month (yes, I was that nerdy). I have to catch up on that again. I don’t want my brain to rust away.
  5. Own a domain for my blog. Been trying real hard to lobby for sponsorships. But if I still can’t find any sponsor or sites to have a free domain, I’ll be saving up for this.
  6. Eat in a fancy restaurant alone. To say I am in love with food is an understatement. I want to know what it feels like to eat in a fancy resto alone (although for others, it might be likened to committing social suicide). Time to treat myself!
  7. Write a letter to my 30 year old self. I’m very fond of writing letters. I just want have something to read after ten years, you know, sort of see my life flash before my eyes and know how much has changed. I believe by the time I reach 30, I would have learned a lot by then.
  8. Lord willing, a significant other. This could wait, actually. But would it hurt if I put this here? Guess not.
  9. Finish reading the Bible. I am very diligent in my Bible reading this year (thank God for that)! Nice to know that I’m growing in the knowledge of Him.
  10. Have a knot ring. Whether as a gift from someone, or from myself, doesn’t matter. I want one.
  11. Vote. I have been very dismayed not being able to exercise my right to vote last May and so, I am serious about this. I want to vote and make a change.
  12. Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Center. Since the National Innovation Conference on Education in Laguna, I had the desire to visit all the UNESCO World Heritage Centers here in the Philippines. Whether it’s in or out of the country, I would like to visit at least one before I turn 25!
  13. Own a planner every year. It’s my way of organizing myself. This year, I have my FILED! Planner as my companion for the whole year.
  14. Help out a stranger. Pay it Forward (you guys should take time to watch this!) inspired me to do this. I have to help out a total stranger. And by helping I mean, do something that he or she can’t do by himself/herself.
  15. Go 24 hours media free. This will be a real challenge. I’m the type of person who’s Social Network inclined (not that I could not live without my gadgets). I have to schedule this, I guess.
  16. Buy my own phone. I should really buy a phone with my own money. For the past years, it was Dada who always bought me a phone. Not that this item is really important, but it would be a nice feeling to buy something yourself rather than depending on your parents to buy you one.
  17. Be diligent on a 365 day project. Whether it’s a photo project, a letter project, a poetry project or any other thing, I srsly need to finish something!
  18. Meet a famous person. Doesn’t really have to be an actor/actress. Can be an author, someone influential or any. Stoked about this one!
  19. Have my own DSLR camera (instax/digital). Lately I’ve been having this unexplainable interest in photography. (Edit 08/05/2015)
  20. Volunteer. Doesn’t really have to be grand. I want to volunteer for an event or activity that involves helping other people.
  21. Cross out at least 15-20 things from my bucketlist. This one’s gonna be big! It’s even a suspense. As you know, I keep adding stuff to my bucketlist whenever I come up with something new that I want to do.
  22. Host or talk about something in an event. I think I have to cross this out next week! Lol. I think most of the people know how I love talking. Not just empty talking, but talking about something I firmly believe in or about my experiences. I  think I could make a career out of it someday, who knows?
  23. Make a craft. I’m planning to learn how to make bracelets and other stuff this year or the next, doesn’t matter. I am not really an artsy person. But this
  24. Win something. This I have to cross out already! Haha. I won in FILED!’s May Doodle Time contest.
  25. Finish my 30 before 30 list. I need another five years for another to-do-list! I believe the contents of my list will drastically change by then. But I’m looking forward to it.

I dedicated a separate page on my tabs bar to see my progress.

How about you? Are you willing to take on the challenge? 😉

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