EDSA Book Launching Activity & EPPC Forum + Fun with friends!

July 29, 2013

If this is news, then this is as good as rotten. But it’s a blog post, so let me live.

I apologize for the lousy instruction. Lol. But anyway, hi guys! I’m back from a productive two-day event! I was asked by my ever-so-active “mentor” (I’m a bit serious about this, Sir. Lol.), Sir Jaime Guerrero to do the storytelling for the kids last July 26, 2013 for the EDSA Book Launching Activity and to help out for the EDSA People Power Commission (EPPC) Forum the next day, July 27, 2013.

Prior to the event, Reygel and I had no idea what the book would be about. “Basta about EDSA. Ipapadala naman yung book so prepare lang kayo. (All I know is that it’s about EDSA. A copy of the book will be sent to us anyway so you have to prepare.)” Last Wednesday, we waited for the book until 7 PM but sadly, it didn’t come so we had no choice but to go home and just wait for the book the next day. Lo and behold it came in the afternoon of Thursday and we immediately had an ocular where the activity will be held and I was more than pressured when Sir said there’s another storyteller from the high school department of our university and that she’s good. (Look, I teach in Sunday School for the kids, but this one was way different! I don’t have any experience of storytelling before using a storybook.)

Anyway, when we started to read the book, EDSA by Russell Molina, Sir and I were amazed because the story was not what we thought it was. While flipping through each page, we realized it’s not ordinary. It entailed research and analysis of what each line meant. Sir told me, “The representatives from EPPC will brief you tomorrow morning so there’s no need to worry. Just read about EDSA and try to analyze each page.” So I went home and stayed up until 3 AM to read about the EDSA revolution and it felt like I was cramming for an exam the next day. I read about EDSA Revolution and EPPC aside from trying to read about the book, EDSA, itself. Russell Molina, the author, stated in one of his interviews that the storyteller should really read and research about the events during EDSA People Power I in order to effectively convey to its listeners the meaning of the story.  I was afraid to go to sleep because I might wake up the next day and end up forgetting everything I read or worse, shouting “Katotohanan! Kalayaan! Katarungan! (Truth! Freedom! Justice!)” upon waking up (of course I’m joking so pls just laugh haha). I even told Sir Jaime, I’m too engrossed with what I’m reading that if ever the EPPC representatives ask me what my name is, I might blurt out, “Cory Aquino (which is another joke so pls laugh again loljk).

July 26, 2013, Friday

I went to school at around 9:30 because Reygel and I agreed to meet before the event proper (2:00 PM) so that we could practice how we would go through with the storytelling. At around 11, the EPPC Representatives, Ate Shai Laman and AR Angcos, came and we went with them to meet Dean Lucy Estioko, Dean of the College of Science in Bicol University, and Ma’m Faith Bachiller, Principal of Dream Buds Learning Center. After the ocular, they briefed us about the book and how we could go about it later on.

Ate Shai and AR with Ma’m Lucy Estioko.

Ma’m Faith Bachiller flipping through the pages of EDSA while Ate Shai talks to her about EPPC and the EDSA book.

Reygel and I were asked by Sir Jaime to accompany Ate Shai and AR to lunch at 1st Colonial Grill after the briefing. We talked about EPPC, the EDSA revolution, Bicol, and Bicol University over lunch, and went back to school at around 1. Since we still had an hour to wait, we met with Sir Serafin Arviola, an EPPC Consultant and also the Chairman of the National Association of UNESCO Clubs in the Philippines (NAUCP), and then we went to the College of Science Extension Office together with the other UNESCO Club advisers from other schools here in Legazpi.

AR and Sir Fin while talking about the flow of the program for the activity.

The people behind the documentation for the event, Scientia staffers, with Mhelj and Ace.

Photo op with the organizers.

 The program started a few minutes after 2 PM because we still waited for the kids to settle down. There were more than 60 people inside the room, including the 25 kids, facilitators, teachers and speakers.

Mheljor emceed the activity.

Ms. Paraluman Torregaza giving the opening remarks for the activity.

Ate Shai explaining to the kids the rationale of the book, EDSA.

After Ate Shai’s rationale, Chloe from BUCEILS-HS SSG UNESCO Club read to the Grade 2 kids Russell Molina’s EDSA. Reygel and I came in after her reading to elaborate and dig deeper the meaning of each line and the images on each page. Staying up very late for the research was worth it! We didn’t really have a hard time explaining to the kids since they were very participative!

Reygel and I while explaining the meaning of each line in EDSA


Ma’m Faith Bachiller for the closing remarks of the Book Launching and Storytelling Activity.

After the activity, we ate snacks at the Student Lounge and loitered in the Extension Office while waiting for our dinner with Ma’m Faith. We ate at Colonial Grill again, but this time, at their branch in Gaisano. We went home after dinner to rest.

July 27, 2013

I came in late for the EPPC forum. I don’t know why I was that exhausted the day before. I was calling Mhelj while I was on the way, but he cancelled the call since the program was already starting.


Prof. Serafin Arviola during the forum proper.

After sitting around for around 25 minutes while Sir Fin was talking about the Seven Gifts of EDSA to the People, Sir Jaime asked Reygel and I, together with Ron, a friend we met during the National Innovation Conference on Education (NICE 2013) in Laguna last January, to go to the airport and meet Sir Ronald Gonzales, our speaker for the afternoon forum. We waited for more or less 30 minutes so we ended up chatting with each other to kill time.But we heard an announcement that the CebuPac flight that was supposed to land went back to Manila because the pilot couldn’t see the runway due to the weather. We called Sir Jaime and he told us we should come back to school. By the time we arrived at the forum’s venue, it was already over and they were having lunch. There was no choice but to resechedule the afternoon’s event, Forum on Shadow Education, since the speaker couldn’t make it. We ended up touring the visitors, Ate Shai, AR, Ron and Aya (since Sir Fin decided to stay at the hotel and get some rest) after lunch.

We went back to their respective hotels first, then proceeded to Cagsawa after. They bought pasalubong for their officemates and schoolmates. We had fun getting to know Aya and Ron more since Mhelj, Cai, Joco and I didn’t really have time to talk to them during NICE. They were supposed to try the ATV but since only one was actually willing to try it out, AR opted to try it out “next time” since no one’s willing to come with him. We went to Colonial Grill (again) to let them try out Sili, Pili and Tinutungan Ice Cream. Had a good talk about EPPC again, PNU-UNESCO and the upcoming International Youth Development Summit this September.

From L-R: Leonard, Aya, Joco, me, Van, Jessa, Mhelj, Ron, and Shin

Group picture at Colonial. From L-R: AR, me, Mhelj, Aya, Ron and Ate Shai

After our merienda, I went home since I still had to pack my things and then leave for church after. It was a bit tiring but it was worth it. It’s nice to be productive again and not stay at home to bum around. I hope to see you guys and girls again and hopefully work with you on an event again! 🙂

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