What’s the big deal about FILED?

July 3, 2013

I came across Filed! just last year, when blogger friends from Tumblr started uploading photos of Filed’s 2013 Doodle Planner. I told myself, I will have my own, one day. When I got to have my own planner last January (thanks to a friend, you know who you are x), I started being so engrossed with it. And then one friend asked, “What’s the big deal about FILED?” I was too overwhelmed to answer.

You see, friends, I’m not really an artsy person. Blame my sister for getting the genes from Dada (lol I kid). Well, you can’t have it all as they say, right? And Filed’s Doodle Planner, pushed me to my limits. I found myself buying more artsy stuff, (two complete sets of colored pens, crayons plus pens of different colors), found myself trying real HAAARD to doodle. And voila, I won March’s Filed Doodle Time and got myself dogtags from Boomerang! And then once again a friend asked, “What’s the big deal about FILED?” I was still too overwhelmed to answer.



Then I got the chance to “work” with Filed! for a giveaway (check out post here [x]) they were generous enough to sponsor a Flamin’ Red Filed Folder plus a White 2013 Doodle Planner! I love how Slim is very “approachable” (I’m enclosing it in quotation marks because I haven’t really meet her in person, but I’m sure she’s equally kind as well!) and very easy to deal with! And the same question, “What’s the big deal about FILED?” I was still at a loss for words.



That’s me carrying my Flamin’ Red Filed Folder. 


Filed never ceased to amaze me. During April they launched their Filed Foldpak (which I really, really want to have, btw) and just last May, they came up with the amazeballs Pen Capsule. They also invited me to their Blogger Blend event but sadly, because I live in the province, I wasn’t able to come. Anyhoo, I had the chance to win a Pen Capsule for the May Doodle Time and wasn’t disappointed when the parcel came!




While I’m at it, I’ll be giving you a sneak peek of my 2013 Filed Doodle Planner (of course I won’t be posting what’s inside bec of privacy issues lol 😉 )



I was supposed to color the cover of my planner. But the markers always get erased.

So I decided to let it be.



To be honest, I wasn’t at all planning to doodle on this Doodle Time pages. The first Doodle Time page in my planner had a note in the upper right corner of the left side which said, “Dear Filed Planner, I’m not an artist, so bear with me. I’ll fill this page with my 2013 bucketlist. Rej”. But I guess things change for the better! 🙂 (Btw, out of the 30 things in my 2013 bucketlist, I’ve crossed out 17! Yay me.)



My Vision Board at the back. Spent a good one and a half hour on this.


You see, the big deal about Filed is this: they never disappoint their customers. For some, yes, their products may be a bit pricey, but I assure you that the price you pay is worth it! Their products are very durable, fun-filled and believe me when I say you won’t get tired of them. If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram and you’re a friend in Facebook and in person, you know how much I am engrossed with their products. I sometimes call myself a “self-proclaimed Filed ambassadress” with the way I plug their products!



Every product was carefully planned out – the folders, planners, bags and pen capsule. They help people be organized and be stylish at the same time! Plus, their online campaign for their products are very catchy! Not only that, if you’re their fan on Facebook, they provide you with creative ideas, meaningful quotations and eye-catching posts through their Filed FYI. I’m proud to say I have influenced a few people to get their own Filed! merch because of the joy it simply brings (forgive me for over-exaggerating but it’s true). I hope I could meet the people behind these great products soon! 😉 In other news, if I were you, I’d go straight to their website after reading this post and order myself any of their products. 😉 Get Filed now and you’ll understand why it is that much of a BIG deal. 😉

Visit their SN sites: Facebook [1][2] | Twitter | Instagram | Website

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