What’s inside my bag?

July 16, 2013

What’s up in the hiphouse, guys? My mind’s been a bit rusty lately plus I have become so warped reading. I’ve been wanting to post something like this months ago but I never really got the chance to take a picture of what I usually bring (whether in school, the mall, church, etc.) inside my bag.

So here’s a sneak peak of what’s usually inside my bag. I’m saying usually because what I bring depends where I go or how long I’ll be out of the house.

  1. Blue Magic Pouch. I bought this last year  during our spare time when we went to Manila for the Y4IT Congress in UP Diliman. It serves as a pouch for my kikay stuff and my eye drop (8). I forgot how much I spent for this one but if I remember it right, it’s below P100!
  2. Maybelline Clear Smooth Face Powder. I’m not really that particular with the face powders I use (I’ve used Careline and Mary Kay before). My Mum usually buys it for me. I think it’s high time I become conscious of what I use. Or maybe not. Lol. ☺
  3. Lip Cream (shade 506)
  4. Lip Cream (shade 510) I got these two lip creams from my friend’s shop, Mademoiselle R’s Boutique. Each lip cream costs P50 only! I’m not really the “make-up” kind of girl. I just use powder and lip creams, lipstick or lipgloss, most of which are in bare or nude colors.
  5. Careline Lip Balm
  6. Earphones. Whether I bring or forget my earphones is what usually defines my day or trip (especially if it entails one or more hours of travel.) I’m a music buff and that explains everything.
  7. Filed Pen Capsule. Got this from Filed! as a prize for the Doodle Time contest. I have everything I need here for writing or scribbling: a set of Faber Castell colored , a variety of Dong-A Hexaplus colored pens, and a mechanical pencil. I use all those to update my planner.
  8. New Look Eye Drops. It’s essential for my eyes. (I wear contact lens everyday, not for fun, but because I’m nearsighted. And I say everyday because I don’t have glasses.)
  9. Brush. It’s a basic make-up brush I bought in Pacific Mall’s department store. I use this for my face powder.
  10. Filed Planner. I am so clingy when it comes to my planner. I feel a bit dysfunctional if I don’t have it with me. I forgot it for a week last month and things were so uhm… unnatural.
  11. Pocket mirror. My Mum gave me this mirror. I just can’t remember if it’s a gift from her friend or she bought it somewhere.
  12. Alcohol. Lately, I don’t want to leave the house without this in my bag. I think it’s pretty self-explanatory why I need it.
  13. Acqua Suisse. I bid goodbye to my cologne for nine (9) years and tried this out. My scent’s Cavalier.
  14. Keys. 
  15. Calculator. Again, this one’s from my Mum. I just love the fact that it’s so handy and it’s in my favorite color.
  16. My phone, Alcatel 918N. I need to change my phone soon, I guess. I’m a bit unsatisfied with my phone’s performance since I’m really an app-loving type of person.
  17. My wallet (which I forgot to include in the picture). This one’s self-explanatory.

Notice that I don’t bring a comb. That’s both a downside and advantage in having wavy hair. Downside because when you comb your hair, it gets puffy and all that. Advantage is that when you’re too lazy or already late for something, you can just try to fix it with your hands and voila! You’re good to go.

They say what’s inside your bag partly reflects your personality. It’s pretty obvious I’m not really a kikay person but hey, we all have our unique personalities right?

Blog a post similar to this! I’d love to know what’s in your bag! ☺

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  • Reply Jonalyn Barrameda July 21, 2013 at 10:04 am

    cute ♥

  • Reply Xtee August 14, 2013 at 8:16 am

    Girl… Yung eye drops na gamit mo, applicable kahit gamit ang contacts? Talagang eto pa ang comment ko. XD

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