Favorite Fridays: One of My Favorite Sitcoms

August 23, 2013

I’m not really a couch potato. Well, I was when I was younger. But all I ever really watched were cartoons, movies and teleseryes (yes, unfortunately, I was a fan because I had no choice since my Mum was “in control” of the remote every evening). When highschool came, I started watching a few TV series – Gossip Girl and Grey’s Anatomy to name a few. But I think they were too serious for me and I didn’t actually watch them diligently.

Around 2010, when I was so active in Tumblr, I saw a funny screen cap of a certain show and it really got me. I was so persistent to find out what the name of the show was but I totally forgot about it, until a friend referred it to me. And lo and behold, it was The Big Bang Theory (TBBT).

So I went out and tried to look for a copy of the said show and I got Seasons 1-4. You should’ve seen my face when I watched the first episode. I was so close to turning the DVD player off because of the first episode’s “sensitive topic”, but I still tried to sit through one full episode. And boy was I glad I didn’t stop. That night, I laughed it all away with five or more episodes because it was that good. Since that night, I got hooked.

You see, TBBT is not your ordinary sitcom. Basically the sitcom revolves around four friends – a caltech theoretical physicist in the person of Sheldon Cooper and his roommate, an experimental physicist, Leonard Hofstadter, aerospace engineer Howard Wolowitz and astrophysicist Rajesh Koothrapali – and Penny (surname still unkown), Leonard and Sheldon’s neighbor. Penny and Leonard become on and off, then on again, and off again throughout the seasons, but they’re still my favorite couple among the three (Sheldon and Amy, Bernadette and Howard, and them). And oh, for the love of Dr. Sheldon Cooper, BS, MS, MA, PhD, ScD. He’s the very reason why most of the people who watch TBBT love it to bits. I bet there wouldn’t be an episode that you won’t laugh, smile or smirk at least once. It’s sort of my happy pill and it never fails me.

It’s fun to see how things fell into place throughout the six seasons. You know, Sheldon actually having a girlfriend (you’ll understand why it’s such a weird thing if you watch it!), Penny actually being able to tell Leonard she loves him, Bernadette being so understanding and loyal to Howard despite his personality, and Raj being so awesome with wordplay every episode. And oh, don’t forget the opening theme song of this sitcom! It’s rad!

I have to be pretty honest that TBBT is the very reason why I became a Star Wars geek, why I developed a deep love for Flash more than other superheroes, and why I actually learned to embrace my geeky ways. Unexpectedly, I have learned a lot of scientific terms because of TBBT and at the same time, learn to respect people who have an ardent love for science.

Well anyway, I won’t go on babbling about this as it may make this post longer. But try to watch at least a single episode. I’m sure you’ll be hooked too! Bazinga!

P.S. Do you have any suggestions on what I should feature on my next Favorite Fridays post? Comment down! x

(Photo’s not mine. I just got it from Google. 😉 )

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