Favorite Fridays: My Favorite Spot

August 16, 2013

Like Sheldon Cooper’s favorite spot in Leonard and his’ apartment, I have my own. Well, technically, this is my only spot in our house because this is my work area. It’s pretty obvious I have a lot of things on my table (wait till you see my durabox and the shelf under the table) because I tend to “hoard” stuff. I’m the type of person who can’t really go out and come home without buying anything even just a pen or a notebook. Most of the time, that’s something bad, but it’s helpful sometimes. Like when my Mum needed a new notebook asap and I had one unused notebook I just gave to her instead.

This is where I do my morning and night devotions, where I sometimes pray (most of the time I pray inside our room so I won’t be disturbed), where I blog from or where I surf the internet, where I write on my planner, and do anything, everything that I can.

I’m very thankful my Mum and Dada raised my sister and I, training us both to have our own workplaces so that we could have our own privacy and concentrate on whatever it is that we’re working on. There are days when I stay here the whole day, and there are days when I just stay put during my devotions and leave immediately after.

I have to be really honest that I don’t have this in order most of the time. I tend to work best when I can see all my things in place, it being the best irony – I organize stuff in a mess. I was actually thinking of including an actual photo, but oh, what shame it would bring. Lol. But I’m half-serious about that.

Most of the things in my table are books, notebooks and my personal stuff. I have a lot of pens and markers as you can see in the left part of my table. My most favorite thing in my workplace is the idk-what-you-call-it cork board I have. It’s not a vision board because it doesn’t contain papers or photos that include what I want to happen. Most of which are photos of me, my family and my friends, some quick notes (most of which are memory verses from the Bible), and some caricatures I drew, plus the other one from my sister.

I tweaked my table a lot. Since the light I have in my area is not enough (in my own point of view) to illuminate whatever it is that I’m up to, I asked Dada to put on a light bulb for me so that I could see things better. Plus, I bought this scrapbooking string I found in National Book Store and pinned it in my table. That’s where I hang important notes and memory verses that I find really appealing to me. Plus I bought cute clips to hold the papers. I won’t go into detail what’s in my table (I’ve tried it before in Tumblr, and I believe it bored so much of my followers.), I just wanted you to have an idea of what my fave place looks like. 😉

Well, so much for my favorite spot! Comment down where’s your favorite spot in your home! 🙂

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