Top Ten Tuesdays: Top 10 Favorite Etsy Finds

August 13, 2013

Hello lovelies! As previously mentioned in my post yesterday, I’ll be starting up a project which I’ll be calling TFS (just check out the link to see the reason what it is and why I’m doing it). And guess what? I’m going to start with my Top Ten Tuesdays tonight. Hooray! *slow audience scream*

For this week, I’ll be featuring my Top 10 Favorite Etsy Finds. I discovered Etsy when a friend referred it to me last year. I have been a big fan since then. I have to admit, the items are a bit pricey, and I haven’t even ordered a single thing through it, but that doesn’t change the fact that you could they offer great finds!

As you can obviously see, I chose 10 items that I would be more than glad to have. But considering that I don’t have a job yet to support my wants, I don’t have any choice but to put these items in my long list of wishlists. *sigh*

Anyhoo, let’s talk about the items, shall we?

  1. Mint and Peach Maxi Dress from LemniscateAddictI’ve been wanting to have a maxi dress for a long time now. And while browsing for dresses, this one really caught my attention. I won’t go on describing to you the details because I am not fash savvy. This is more than perf for church!
  2. Vintage Children Suitcase from HobartCollactables. I think it’s time to have a decent bag for travels considering the fact that I am 20 years old and I still don’t have my own suitcase I could bring with me whenever I go out of town. I love that this suitcase is so vintage and big enough to hold almost a week’s worth of clothes (or maybe even more). I bring more than I should whenever I travel so this one’s right for me.
  3. Tangled Bedroom Lamps from RecessionHome. I want this for my own room! This contains a set of five Tangled-inspired lamps of different sizes. The reason why I want this is very obvious: I’m head over heels in love with Tangled, and I daydream I’m Rapunzel most of the time.
  4. Game of Thrones Inspired Hand Stamped Aluminum Bracelets from chasingatstarlight. This led me to Etsy. I was excessively fangirling over Game of Thrones last year and my friend showed me this couple bracelets. “My Sun and Stars” and “Moon of my Life” are obviously Khal and Khaleesi’s pet names for each other. Not only is this included here because of my love for Game of Thrones, but because they are my favorite couple in the TV show.
  5. Cactus Glass Terrarium Kit from TheLandofSalt. My friends find it weird that I have a thing for cacti. They go, “What kind of girl would want to have a cactus?”. Well, this kind of girl does. I had my first cactus way back 2010, and it died a natural death when we moved (I named it Apollo). My second one, is a gift from a close friend, which I named Apollo II. If I would be able to buy this awesome terrarium, I’m going to name it Yoda!
  6. Vintage Cat Eye Frame from PinceNezShop. I’ve been looking for a pair of cat eye frames in different online shops and this one really stood out. Too bad I already bought a frame for my new pair of glasses.
  7. Zhannice Satchel the Batchel from zhanmall. I started to have a thing for satchels when I watched Tangled (forgive me for loving it too much, hashtag sorry not sorry). I’m a bag-type of person, meaning, I can’t leave the house without a bag. It just makes me feel so uneasy and incomplete going out without any bag to bring. This satchel bag is not only classy, but I bet the usual  things inside my bag would fit in it!
  8. Star Wars Passport Cover from TwoPolkaDots. Strong the force is, with this one. I know I don’t have my passport yet but it would be nice to have this as a passport cover! Oh, boy am I glad I’m a Jedi.
  9. Dragonfly Vinyl Wall Decal Set from tweetheartwallart. Been engrossed with dragonflies since my first year in highschool. I prefer dragonflies over butterflies because the latter is too mainstream. This vinyl wall decal set is beyond lovely and a bit serene to look at. Would most def love to have this in my future house!
  10. 80s Vintage Heels from NewOldFashionVintage. I srsly need to change my wardrobe (in preparation for work). I’m a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl and that fact makes it so hard to be “stylish” whenever my hormones push me to be. This shoes would look good on both casual and semi-formal outfits. I’m not really the type of person who hoards shoes anyway. Two pairs until five would be enough. And this one might as well be included in that five!

Photos I included in this post are not mine. I just got them from the respective shops in Etsy and edited them in Photoshop. First Top Ten Tuesdays post, success.

Try browsing Etsy! I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find more than 10 items that you’ll really like!

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  • Reply Christina Foster October 11, 2016 at 2:39 am

    oh I love this top 10 list! Especially the maxi dress, game of thrones bracelet, and Star Wars Passport cover. Etsy is definitely my go-to website when it comes to finding unique, hand crafted/vintage items and with Christmas coming up, it’s the BEST place to find cool gifts! Thanks for this post, I look forward to reading more of your “Top 10’s”.

    • Reply Rej Relova October 11, 2016 at 5:42 pm

      I really love Etsy! I haven’t ordered anything from this list though. But I have always been fond of buying downloadables from some sellers. 🙂

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