Top Ten Tuesdays: Top 10 Annoying Jeepney Situations

August 27, 2013

I was supposed to go to sleep immediately after coming home but my mind just won’t let me. And since I was out the whole afternoon until evening because of Food Box Express’s opening (read my blog post about that tomorrow yay!!!) and a visit to a relative’s wake, I wasn’t able to draft my Top Ten Tuesdays post. Technically, I know, it’s already Wednesday, but anyway, I would like to keep my mind busy, so yeah.

Tonight, I’ll be talking about Top Ten Annoying Jeepney Situations I’ve experienced ever since I started commuting. I was only allowed to commute by myself in the middle of my freshman year during highschool and I’m the type of person who lets my mind wander when I’m on the road (which is bad most of the time because I sometimes say “Para po” too late. If you’ve been commuting, I’m pretty sure you’ve encountered at least one or two of the following:

  1. Passengers who pay P100 or P500 peso bills. Let’s face it. There’s a reason behind that “Barya lang po sa umaga.” sign. Passengers should know that drivers would most likely have no change for a bill in the morning.
  2. Passengers who act like they own the jeep. There are passengers who “sit like a princess” even if the jeep needs to pick up passengers. They don’t even know how to be considerate enough to people who are willing to pay just like them. They wouldn’t even bother to move just to give space for other passengers. Even when you try to tell them to move a little bit, they would even growl at you for being so nice to others. Okay, okay, I’m exaggerating over the growl thing, but hey, some even hiss. Okay. I have to stop…
  3. Passengers who are very inconsiderate to pass another’s fare. They say, if you don’t want to have a “temporary sideline” inside the jeepney, never, and I say never, sit near the driver. Sit either somewhere in the middle or the back part. But if you have no choice, then sit wherever. I have this strong belief of the “Golden Rule” which I really try to diligently do. Whenever someone a bit far from the driver calls me out, “Pakisuyo naman po. (Please pass the fare.)” I hand it over to the driver no questions asked. In that way, I hope that whenever I be in the same situation, someone would do the same for me, too. But I guess you can’t really avoid other people who play deaf whenever you ask them to pass your fare. So next time you ride on a jeepney and someone asks you to hand his/her fare over the driver, just keep in mind that you’re doing a good deed no matter how little that can be.
  4. Passengers who curse and talk aloud as if they’re the only one’s in the jeep. Hello, insensitive fellow passengers. Welcome aboard. Some people just don’t know how to act properly when riding in public vehicles. They literally laugh out loud, curse all the way and never even be bothered by the hideous looks their co-passengers strike at them. I guess these people feel they imbibe too much YOLO-ing in their lives that they ooze with inconsideration. This is, more or less, under number 2.
  5. Passengers who are exhibitionists. Whatever it is they want to do, they can’t just wait until they’re all alone to do whatever their business is. I’ve been on a jeepney ride with an exhibitionist twice, and I’m not quite sure if they’re the same person. But srsly, they are a bother to passengers who started their morning/afternoon right, just to be destroyed by someone so obscene. I really think government officials should do something about this. I pity children who get to witness an indecent act, and passengers who sit beside these people and feel harassed and violated.
  6. Drivers who drive carelessly as if they’re racing. The road is not a race track, especially if you’re responsible for the lives of more than 10 people riding in the vehicle. Drivers should be, at all times, cautious in driving and keep in mind that their main goal is to pick up a passenger and drive him/her to his/her destination SAFELY. Some drivers find racing on the road as a recreation of some sort but I’m totally against it.
  7. Drivers who smoke while driving, partnered with a large NO SMOKING sign inside the jeep. Oh, the irony of all ironies. Drivers and passengers alike should know how to follow a simple ordinance. I’m not a smoker. Never even tried one. No plans of trying it out in the future. (It has something to do with my convictions but that’s another story, so…) In Legazpi, the No Smoking in public places ordinance is implemented, but I find it so sad that drivers and passengers alike would like to break the law for their own selfish reasons. A lot of people suffer from the smoke they puff, plus it’s not really good for the health. You are not only affecting your lungs, but others’ as well.
  8. Drivers who “pump up” their radios to the loudest volume. I’ve been on a “jeepney disco” for many times, more than I can remember. What’s annoying is that when passengers say “Para po.” in the calmest, gentlest way possible, they wouldn’t hear it. Which results to an angry passenger once he/she is dropped off somewhere a bit far from where he/she was supposed to go down. Which results to that angry passenger turning to others just to exhaust the feeling of annoyance they just encountered. Which results to that person passing it on to another person. And the rest, as they say, results to a bad day for everyone. Okay, I may be overreacting about that cycle, but hey, it’s true sometimes, right? Drivers should know how to be considerate and just put the radio’s volume in the medium or low-medium volume, as long as everyone in the jeepney can still hear it.
  9. Drivers who keep on insisting there’s space when there’s none. I think most commuters would have to agree with me on this one. I know, we know, that life is hard nowadays. Drivers who insist on letting passengers ride the jeep even without there’s no space left reason out that crude oil and gasoline prices are so expensive that they need to “make the most” out of what they pay for. Either that, or they need to go home to their families so they’re trying their hardest to “seize” the last trip. Passengers pay fares. And I say, wouldn’t it be impractical to pay for P7 when only half of your butt can sit on the jeepney? Granting that there may be passengers who would ask to be dropped of in places along the way, but what if there’s none? The whole trip, you didn’t get what you paid for. And I think that’s quite unfair.
  10. Drivers who text while driving. I think every passenger should be assured of their safety. Let’s say there’s an emergency, but I think texting can wait until the jeepney stops for loading and unloading. There has been more than a hundred cases all around the world of accidents recorded because of driving while texting.

Well, that’s it for tonight! I still believe that people could change. That they could outgrow whatever negative habits they have and learn to be considerate about the welfare of others. I’m saying this because commuting does not only involve an individual. There are hundreds, thousands and millions of commuters who get to suffer everyday just because of negative practices of others.

Let’s learn to be considerate and hope for a safe ride everyday!

P.S. Photo of the jeepney I used is not mine. I got it here [x] and I just edited it. 😉

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  • Reply Anonymous September 19, 2013 at 10:02 am

    I just wanna add something that I already experienced.
    It's about the sukli na kulang. Kapag buo po yung pera nyo, kulang ang isusukli sayo. Kaya dapat lagi kayong may dalang barya.

    And kapag nakita mo ng medyo puno na ang jeep at sumakay ka pa, automatic sa pinaka-unahan na ang upo mo kasi magsisi-usugan ang mga tao. xD

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