21 Random Thoughts Before 21

October 21, 2013

Hi guys and gals! I’ve been wanting to post something like this since the start of last week, but I’ve been really preoccupied with things that I just couldn’t sit, focus and think through writing one decent blog post. I apologize for not being able to update my blog as regularly as I did before. There are just more important things to give attention to and prioritize.

Well, as most people are aware, it’s exactly three days before my birthday. I’m turning 21 in three days and the past months have given me so much to ponder upon. Well, this list I’ll be posting is just a random rundown of what’s in my mind as of the moment, brief or not, whatever’s floating on my mind.

  1. I want a copy of Lang Leav’s Love and Misadventure. This is pretty self-explanatory.
  2. I have the best bunch of friends ever. Believe me when I  say that especially when you personally know all of them. Other people may look  at them in a negative way, but I must say that these people are the most hardworking bunch of people I know. If only people know how much they exert  they best efforts to balance extra-curricular activities and their academics.
  3. I still can’t decide what I should do with my hair. This is, so far, the longest it has grown. I don’t have bangs anymore and I’m still torn whether or not I should have it back. There are times when I want to really cut it short, when I say short, I mean pixie cut kind of short. Hashtag girl probs.
  4. I’ve lost the appetite to eat properly the past days. Whether I should blame it on my extreme anxiety over finishing our thesis or on my hormones acting up, Idrk.
  5. I don’t know why Notting Hill has changed my life so drastically. I was able to watch it on Star Movies when it was aired and up until now, I haven’t moved on from the story and the lines. But it’s time to face the fact that life is not a movie and it’s not always happy.
  6. I’m still trying to figure out what I really want. I want a career, not a mere job. I want to be involved in something that would make me happy while at the same time providing for my needs. I’ve been considering a lot of possible job opportunities and praying things through with whatever job the Lord wills for me.
  7. I srsly want to attend the MAD Camp and IYES events organized by Go! Ahon Pilipinas and NAUCP respectively. I wasn’t able to attend the International Youth Development Summit (IYDS) last September so I’m praying for either of the two events, whatever the Lord wills, that’s where I’ll go.
  8. I miss my happy place – Rodolfo’s. When will it be open again? *insert crying meme here*
  9. I need to work on my photo wall before this year ends. Srsly, it’s been months since I started stocking photos in my “Photo Wall” folder and I haven’t printed even one picture yet.
  10. After ASDFGHJKL years, I am now again hooked on a Koreanovela (last time was Princess Hours). I even bought a DVD so that I could watch Wish Upon A Star from the start. It’s far from the usual heartsy fancy koreanovelas that grace our television. It’s something different – something serious and funny at the same time.
  11. I srsly want to fly a floating lantern on my birthday.
  12. I’m more than motivated to be fit. I’ve been trying to regulate my diet and push through with doing workouts (thank you Apple Store for the wonderful apps). I am in dire need of going back to my jogging routine but the bipolar weather in Legazpi and the hectic schedule have both been veryunhelpful to my desire to go jog again.
  13. Genuine love is not focusing on your self too much but looking out for the needs of the ones you love.
  14. I want something different on the 24th of October. Just something different from the usual.
  15. I am stoked for our concert in November and December! We’re all trying really hard to polish our pieces and I need to double my effort in my viola playing. I still get confused once in a while what finger positions Ishould do whenever I’m looking at the music sheet (it’s been a real hard journey switching from the violin to viola without any formal lessons but mere self-studying).
  16. I want to try and travel alone. Go someplace else for two or three days all by myself and experience life.
  17. I am, in no way, not going to be successful with my target books to be read before the year ends. Sigh. Where has the bookworm Rej gone to?
  18. There are times when I feel that I NEED to go back to school. Notice how I emphasized the word need because it is not just a mere want. There are days when I feel that my brain is getting rustier every minute, and there are days when I feel that I’m doing okay. I’m thinking of pursuing my masters once I get the chance but as to what course, I don’t have any idea as of the moment. Maybe I’ll save this for later on.
  19. I’m trying to let go of every inch of doubt, every amount of fear, every sentiment of paranoia. The past months have been a bit hard on me and I want to be better. I want to be more mature, to take things as it is and be more open-minded and understanding about things that I normally would be so immature about had I been my old self. I just realized that there are things and people I don’t want to lose in my life just because I’ve been too self-centered and proud.
  20. I have only one birthday wish, and that is to finish our thesis and move on with my life. I’ll prolly dwell more on this should this wish be granted.
  21. I’m still thinking of what birthday gift I should get myself. Give me ideas, yes?

Well, that’s a sneak peek of what’s running around in my mind the past days. It’s not even 1/8 or so of what goes on my mind everyday. Believe me, had I been given a peso for each thought I can come up with, I’ll probably be a billionaire right now.Here’s to growing up but never growing old x

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  • Reply Gene October 22, 2013 at 7:29 am

    I remember when I'm about to turn 21 too. I imagine all things I could finally do, and things I could have done.

    I can relate to a lot of things that's on this list especially 5,6,15,17 and 19. Anyways. Advance Happy Birthday!

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