Movie Madness: Bride for Rent

January 20, 2014

So my Mum and I watched Bride for Rent just last Saturday and I still can’t contain myself from all the kilig vibes I felt because of Rocky and Rocco. As far as you have noticed, this is the second movie post here in my blog and I can’t help but be all giddy every time scenes from the movie run through my mind even in the slightest flashbacks.

As what I did before, I won’t be spoiling for the sake of those who haven’t watched the movie yet but have plans of watching (yes, I’m that kind lol). One of the things I really loved about the movie (aside from Xian Lim of course) is how marriage is portrayed as something that’s really given time to think about and consider. How different couples ranging from 5 until 51 years of marriage were interviewed, although the latter was a part of the script, while the others were real life couples. You know, it is kind of refreshing to see a film like this that inserted bits from real life couples on what their secrets are to have a lasting marriage, because we might admit it or not, most, if not all of the young people today rush into the idea of getting married and end up being bruised and broken, separated or divorced. Although I have to admit, I found myself wanting to get married soon after watching the movie, but of course that’s one of the movie hangover symptoms and it’s gone right now.

Plus, I really love Rocky’s(Kim Chiu) personality in the movie, how she talks, how she moves and how she is so upbeat about everything. Rocco, on the other hand, was the usual bad-boy-changed-into-something-else-because-he-finally-believed-in-true-love. He’s dreamy as he is, and yet his character in the movie made him even more lovable, except of course his arrogance and pride. Oh, and I really love Lala!!! Her role in the movie really added fun twists to the story. Well Javier, portrayed by Empoy, is just another story… Lines as simple as “Stop at your stopping point!” and “Awkwaaard!” just really complemented his character and chipped in humor to the movie.

I told my sister what I like about Kim and Xian’s movies (Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo? and this one) is the positivity of the flow of the movie (unlike her past movies with Gerald Anderson which always has Kim in a bucket full of tears).

Well, as much as I would like to elaborate on my thoughts about the movie, I wouldn’t want to spoil you with the scenes and probably bore you with my excessive fangirling rants about Xian Lim, so instead, here are a few lines from the movie which really caught my attention. J

Commitment lasts forever. – Tito Sito

Utang lang ‘yan, pamilya tayo! O, laban!Rocky

Rocco: Bakit ikaw ang dapat naming kunin sa role na ito?
Rocky: Kasi meron po akong dignity. Meron po akong isang salita. I am a woman of pride, commitment and integrity. Thank you!

Rocky: “Naniniwala ako sa batas upang magkaroon ng magandang pagsasama”, sabi ni Senator Miriam. Rule number 1, A happy wife means a happy life. Para kumonti ang problema natin, dapat parati akong masaya. Okay, agree?
Rocco: Okay fine!
Rocky: Then number 2, dadagdagan ko ang mga rules kung kelan ko gusto.
Rocco: Hindi naman tama yan, I object.
Rocky: Ay, please refer to rule number one which you just agreed na kelangan parati akong masaya. And then rule number 3, which is the very important rule among all the rules, sabi nga sa pelikulang No Other Woman, “Don’t you dare fall inlove with me.”
Rocco: Seryoso ka ba? Hindi naman mahirap gawin yun.
Rocky: Iba ang kamandag ko.

Rocky: Isn’t it amazing?
Lala: Amazing!
Rocky: Isn’t it surprising?
Lala: Surprising!
Rocky: Isn’t it?

Sometimes the people you love the most, those are the people that will hurt you the most. – Lala

Rocco: Rocky, sorry if I yelled at you kanina.
Rocky: OMG! From what I just heard, you are now better than your dad. Sabi kasi nung nanay ko nung nabubuhay pa siya, kapag marunong ka magsabi ng sorry, ikaw ang mas mabuting tao. So dahil dun, mas lamang ka na sa iba. Kaya congratulations! You are now closer to becoming better. Yehey!
Rocco: You really think I can be a better person than my father?
Rocky: Oo naman.
Rocco: Rocky, thanks for coming home with me. It really means a lot.

A relationship is strengthened through the years. A simple vow can turn into a lifetime commitment. That something can last forever. – Rocco

Rocco: Malay mo, mapaniwala na ako sa forever na ‘yan.
Rocky: Well, well, well, eh ‘di simulan na ang paghahanap sa forever.

Meron ho akong pangako eh na wala ho kaming iwanan. Yun bang to have and to hold, in richer and in poorer, in sickness and in health. Yun ho ata talaga ang sikreto eh. Lola Czarina

Lolo Benjamin: Sino ka?
Lola Czarina: I love you!

Rocco: How long have you been married? And what is the secret to a long lasting relationship?
Lala: Yeah, but before that, I’d like to thank you for the interview. Because finally now, I will be able to tell you my love story. The secret? Your Lolo and I chose to love each other every waking day until the last day of his life. You know, some people think that forever is not possible. Kasi most of them think that forever is perfect! Eh wala namang perfect, ‘di ba? I was not a perfect wife to your Lolo and he was not the perfect husband. We just chose to believe in forever. So, you see what we’ve learned? Forever is giving one another unlimited chances to love you right everyday. Rocco, there’s one thing I wish for you: just believe in love. Love and be loved! Give it a chance! Love and forgive.

Javier: At bakit karapatdapat ka uli na tanggapin ni Rocco?
Rocky: Ah, kasi… totoo ako magmahal. Kaya kong mag-antay habangbuhay hanggang sa dumating yung araw na mapatawad niya ako.
Rocco: Nope, mali.
Rocky:Di naman ako na-advice, Q and A pala ‘to! Uhm, sige. Kasi kaya kong magluto ng pangkarinderya. Anong ulam ang gusto mo? Tapsilog, tocilog, losilog, chiksilog, itlog, nilaga, fried, scrambled, lahaaat.
Rocco: Parang mali pa rin eh.
Rocky: Ano ba gusto mo? Uhm. Sige. Ah! Kaya kitang bigyan ng isang dosenang anak! Kahit isang taon lang ang pagitan nila kaya kong iluwal iyon. Medyo painful but I can do it, kahit parang aso lang.
Rocco: Simple lang naman. Katanggap-tanggap ka dahil kaya mong tanggapin ang isang taong katulad ko. No more lies? No more scripts?
Rocky: Peksman! Mamatay man si Batman or si Superman, kahit sino. So, ibig sabihin tanggap na ako?
Rocco: Eh, kung tanggap ako ng pamilya mo… Racquelita dela Cruz, AKA Rocky, 24, from Sampaloc, Manila.
Rocky: Yes, correct.
Rocco: Will you be my wife for real?
Rocky: Aaaaay!!! Teka nabilaukan ako. Aaaaayyy!!! My gosh, my gosh!!! Kahit hindi mo pa ako tinatanong oo na, yes, yes, yes… halika na isuot mo na, baka magbago pa isip mo!

Rocky: Isn’t it amazing?
Rocco: Amazing!
Rocky: Isn’t it surprising?
Rocco: Surprising!
Rocky: Isn’t it exciting?
Rocco: Exciting!
Rocky: I love you, Rocco.
Rocco: I love you too, Rocky. Forever and ever.
Rocky: Amen!

And that’s a wrap! I hope you’ll all get the chance to watch this movie because it’s quite balanced with kilig vibes, comedy and a little hint of drama! x

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