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January 29, 2014

I believe each person has their own happy place. You know, a place where he/she can eat out alone (or with friends), and think about life or reflect on past realizations. Well for others, a place where you can just ponder on thoughts without having the need to eat. My case isn’t the latter though, and it’s really pretty obvious if you know me.

I love eating (okay, that’s a super mega overt fact). Back when I was in highschool, there were only a few restos, cafes and food chains here in Legazpi. So you don’t have any choice but to eat in the same places, order food and then repeat until you have tried all that’s in the menu. So for a food junkie like me (or a self-proclaimed one at this point), you could just imagine what bliss I felt when food place choices were slowly increasing in number. That’s when my desire to try different restos and cafes started.

In 2012, I decided to make Rodolfo’s my happy place. Because everytime I needed some time to think thinks through, I just order a cup of froyo with chopped walnuts and chocolate sauce, pray and then I end up leaving the place really happy. But since it was “TEMPORARILY CLOSED” according to the sign outside since I forgot when, it really made me sad so I ended up trying other good places to eat.

On the 14th of February last year, my Buklod friends and I went to Khalil’s Business Lounge to try the food there. And since then, we just kept on coming back (not everyday though or else we’d all be bankrupt). The place is really comfy plus I love the ambiance. Not to mention they have wifi, so it’s techie-friendly. Aside from what I’ve mentioned, I also love the fact that the owners are so friendly and very accommodating! Most of the time, we have the place to ourselves so it’s as if we booked the place for our own gathering. Been there alone twice or thrice already, and yet I never got bored since I had the time to think about things and just recently, work on a job application while I was staying there.

Aside from the place itself, what I love most about Khalil’s is the food they serve. Here are the ones which I’ve already tried and these are just a few since I almost always order the same thing. (From L-R; T-B) Chocolate Truffles, Lasagna, Chicharong Bulaklak, Mocha Frappe, Blueberry Cheesecake and Mocha Frappe, and Choco Hazelnut Cake. My favorites would boil down to three that’s in the photo: Chicharong Bulaklak, Mocha Frappe and BBCheesecake. Their smoothies are also the bomb! I haven’t tried their Italian Soda though because I don’t drink soda. I would love to try their Banofee Pie next time! Food price ranges from 15 (you get the iced tea for that) to below 200 (for a single purchase, because of course if you buy a drink plus food, that’s a different story).

My final decision to actually make Khalil’s my happy place was just this month and I kind of regret that because I wish I had acted upon it earlier. I need to clarify this is not a sponsored post, though. Just a labor of love for my happy place. Oh, before I forget, go ahead and like their page!

Tell me about your happy place! I would love to know.

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    why you don't drink soda po?

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