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February 11, 2014

It’s raining hearts again!!!  Love is in the air (and I just don’t care, LOL, kidding aside…). February is known as the love month. I know a lot of people are already feeling so stressed out on what to give their special someone this February 14 whether it be your best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiance, wife, husband, mother, father, sister – well I won’t elaborate on who the special people are in your life because you know it yourself. I, for one, don’t believe that Heart’s Day is only for lovers, but for family and friends as well. So whenever I mention special someone in this post, let’s all agree that family, friends and your significant other falls under it, okay? 😉

If you’re having the same problem as of this moment, fret not! For I have come up with a few gift ideas on how you can give out a FILED Flip Folder for you to share the love (just read on, you can thank me later, LOL, I kid, and yeah, nvm the epic reaction, focus on what’s next…).

Suggestion  #1 – As Is, Where Is

Give it as it is! Of course, by now, you already know what his/her favorite color is. Order a color of his/her choice, and you’re good to go! I believe the beauty of FILED products is that it caters to both the young ones and the “young once”. A FILED Flip Folder can be of big help to your special someone whether he/she is a student, a professional, or something in between. Let’s face it, having a lot of important papers you need to bring to school or the office every day may cause so much hassle especially if not stored properly. It’s a way of saying you care enough to help him/her get organized with a twist. I say with a twist because the Flip Folder is not just an ordinary folder! It’s simply extraordinary! It includes a magnetic clipboard, two pen loops, and an envelope on one side. Once you flip it, a horizontal and a hidden vertical pocket can be used for keeping all needed documents in place. Oh, did I mention the leather they used is waterproof? Perfect for keeping your papers safe during the rainy days! Clip in a hearts day greeting, and you’re good to go!

Suggestion #2 – Things I Love About You

You can either do this personally or send it as a parcel. For the first one, I think it’s best for those who are in courtship, in a relationship or even those who are married. Who wouldn’t want to get swept off by their feet and feel special on Heart’s Day? List down all the things you love about that person i.e. “I love the way you crinkle your nose when I make jokes.”, “I absolutely love how you can keep up with me when I’m at the peak of my mood swings.”, etc., and creatively put them together as you show it to him/her. The second one would go well not only with the boy-girl, man-woman relationships, but with family and friends as well. List all the things you love (and possibly miss) about that person and put them together creatively i.e. “I love the fact that you and Dad are supportive with my career.”, “I miss sharing desserts with you, Ate!”, etc. Put in a few photos in the spacious envelope, and other lovey-dovey stuff in the different pockets. Make sure you put in a touch of your own personality for the person you love to feel how much special he/she is to you. Aside from the thoughts and efforts put into the unique gift, it’s as if you sent your special someone two gifts in one for he/she can surely use it after he/she has carefully kept the contents of the folder.

Suggestion #3 – Giant Flip Card

What better way to express your love for someone through the traditional, old-fashioned Hearts Day Card? Only this time, it’ll be BIGGER and BETTER! This is quite easy, all you need is your creativity and the sincerest words as expression of your love for that special someone. In my case, I included a pop-out hearts day greeting I attached to the middle of the folder. Same as with the previous gift idea, this one’s a 2-in-1 gift as the person can still use the folder afterwards!

Well there you have it! Just a few gift ideas for your special someone this coming Friday! You can even prolly come up with something better and sweeter than these ideas. And guess what? FILED! has two ongoing promos to celebrate this wonderful week of love! They’ll be giving away a pair of FILED goodies to one winner everyday via Twitter from February 10-14 and aside from that, all FILED products are 30% off until February 21 (click on the images for more details)! Isn’t it amazing?

So what are you waiting for, lovelies? Go on and purchase your own FILED product for a unique valentine treat and share the lalalove! Have a happy hearts day! x

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