Movie Madness: Starting Over Again

February 17, 2014

I really don’t know how to start with this blog post because I haven’t actually organized my thoughts and my sentiments on this movie. Although I’m not really a fan of student-teacher intimate relationships, and I really couldn’t relate to the first few scenes of the movie because I don’t have any experience of crushing on a teacher/professor, I did feel kilig vibes immediately. Star Cinema used that “I LOVE YOU PIOLO!” which Toni Gonzaga was famously known for before she became a TV host and actress and turned it into “I LOVE YOU SIR MARCO!” which was really apt for the film.

I think this is the most mature role to date that Toni has been given. There’s just something about her and the way she delivers her lines that make it seem so natural, without a hint of any pretensions at all. Plus, I love how she throws funny lines which prompted the audience to laugh every now and then. Add to the fact that Piolo Pascual is really one of the best actors this generation has witnessed. Iza Calzado’s role here might be considered pretty boring by a few, but I think she portrayed her role well being the calm, seeing-the-goodness-in-everyone-is-my-thing kind of person. Beauty Gonzales’ acting was lacking in a way for me, while Cai Mortiz’ role was something I really admired in the movie. And the music score, I might say, is well planned out. It helped in letting the audience feel what the characters were feeling in every scene.

I did expect a lot from the movie. Well, basing from the trailer, especially that “I deserve an explanation” part, I thought I would shed a few tears, but I didn’t. But that doesn’t mean the movie wasn’t great though. Beb’s role here, the friend of Ginny, is a role every group of friend has. The realistic, hey-you-should-wake-up-from-all-this-insanity kind of friend who insists that Ginny should give up all hopes in reuniting with Marco because he already has a girlfriend. What I loved about this movie is its realistic approach on two past lovers crossing paths again. I know, most of us are hopeless romantics that we can’t help but romanticize things and hypothesize reasons on why things happen, on why two past lovers meet again, on why we undergo the kind of pain twice – in losing a loved one and realizing that the second chance was not for re-commitment. But the ending of this movie is far from the usual “they lived happily ever after” but is, surprisingly, still a happy ending.

I can say that I was able to relate to all three main of the characters. I have this Ginny side of me who endlessly hopes for an exciting romance. The term coined “hopia“, on my own understanding, is still hoping that a specific someone still feels something about you and that you have high hopes that you will be given a second chance to make things right with that person, is one thing that I really was able to relate to. I have big dreams and aspirations as well and motivated to achieve it all in time. As for Marco’s side, I was able to relate to the feeling he had when he thought he was already okay, that he has already moved on so he thought it was okay to see Ginny again. But he realized, all his efforts to forget all the pain and move on went down the drain because he was reminded of all the love, joy and pain he and Ginny shared before they drifted apart. Others may call it martyrdom, but I can relate well to Patty’s genuine love for Marco. She overlooks all his mistakes – past and present – and assures him that her love for him is greater than whatever flaws and failures he has, secured upon the foundation of their friendship before they became lovers.

And as my usual movie post goes, here are quotes from the movie. I have to warn you though there are a few hints that you may consider as spoilers. So don’t blame me if you read something in here that might spoil everything.

Sir, kasi, ayokong mabulok ‘to katulad ng sulat ni Rizal dahil naniniwala akong kung may gusto kang sabihan, dapat sabihin mo na! – Ginny

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sir. Next year, happy anniversary na ‘yan ha? – Ginny

Mag-aapat na taon na kitang mahal, Sir, first day palang ng History Class ko sa iyo. Sana balang araw marealize mo I also deserve this kind of love. – Ginny

Well, Sir Marco, if you insist, how can I resist? – Ginny

Marco: Eto ang paborito kong parte ng sulat mo, “Sabi nga nila ‘di ba, give love on Christmas Day. So give me love, Sir. Pero kung wala talaga, just tell me, how do I unlove you?

Ginny: Sir, pwede kung babastedin mo ako, ‘wag muna ngayon? Kasi pangalawang rejection ko na eh. Masyado ng masakit.

Marco: I don’t want you to unlove me, Ms. Gonzales.
Ginny: Ha?
Marco: Because I love you.
Ginny: You love me?
Marco: Mm-hmm.
Ginny: Dyowa na kita?
Marco: Mm-hmm.
Ginny: Dyowa mo na ako?
Marco: Yes.

Beb’s Hubby: So emotional lang siya nung sinulat niya ‘to noon?

Beb: Tama, noon. Yun ang operative word. Noon pa ‘to kaya tapos na ang kwento.
Wela: Pa’no naman kapag to be continued ‘yang love story na ‘yan
Beb: Stop romanticizing things, Wela, ah. Hindi ito teleserye.

Nasa isang building lang kami! Isang hangin lang hinihinga namin!Ginny

Bakit nga ba? Bakit nga ba? Kasi… ang tanga-tanga mo! Ang tanga-tanga mo! Girlfriend ka na, pinakawalan mo pa! Apat na taon wala ka man lang ginawa. Hindi mo sinulatan, hindi mo man lang tinawagan. Puro ka pride, pride, pride. Ang yabang mo kasi. Akala mo kung sinong maganda, puro ka naman panga! Pride pa rin yun! Yun na rin yun! Tanga, tanga, tanga! Ang pangit mo kasi, naunahan ka na, may iba na, may iba na! Pagod na akong umiyak. Tama si Beb, kailangan ko na magmove on. – Ginny

Beb: Ginny, what you don’t know won’t hurt you.
Ginny: Pride lang ‘yan, Beb. Saka ayokong matulad sa mga magulang kong pinalagpas ang pagkakataon dahil lang sa pride.

Ginny: Kung talagang mahal mo ‘ko, dapat sinundan mo ‘ko.
Marco: Kung talagang mahal mo ‘ko, dapat ‘di mo ako iniwan.
Ginny: And I regret that everyday.
Marco: Are you flirting with me?
Ginny: Do you want me to?
Marco: I have a girlfriend.

Marco, kung mamamatay man tayo ngayon, pwedeng sagutin mo yung tanong ko, please? Totoo pa ba yung nasa e-mail? Do we still have a second chance? Naniniwala ka rin bang our love story deserves a better ending? – Ginny

Ginny: Bakit nga? Sabihin mo sa akin bakit di mo nagustuhan. I deserve an explanation!
Marco: Anong sinabi mo?
Ginny: I need an acceptable reason.
Marco: Bakit?
Ginny: Dahil trinabaho ko yun. Pinaghirapan ko yun. I invested my time and my effort.
Marco: Kaya kailangan mong malaman kung anong mali?
Ginny: Oo! Dahil kung may problema, gagawan ko ng paraan!
Marco: Dahil hindi lang oras at pagod mo ang pinuhunan mo, ‘di ba? Pati puso at kaluluwa mo, ‘di ba? Dahil ginawa mo yun para sa isang taong iniisip mo na may tiwala at paniniwala sa’yo, ‘di ba? Na kung magkakamali ka man, iniisip mo na bibigyan ka niya ng pagkakataon na itama yun, kasi pinaniwala ka niya na mahal ka niya, na mahalaga ka sa kanya, na iisa ang pangarap niyo, na pareho kayo ng tinatanaw na buhay, ‘di ba? Kailangan mong malaman kung bakit isang umaga paggising mo biglang nagbago ang lahat? Bakit wala na siya? Bakit mag-isa ka na lang? Kailangan mo ng dahilan, ‘di ba? Kailangan mo ng mapanghahawakan. Kung bakit kailangan mong tiisin na magmukhang tanga, na magmukha kang tae sa paningin ng ibang tao, sa paningin mo sa sarili mo. Kasi hindi mo alam kung paano eh, hindi mo alam kung kailan, hindi mo alam kung ano nangyari, kung ano ang mali sa’yo, kung bakit ka niya iniwan.
Ginny: Marco…
Marco: Anong karapatan mong hingiin ang isang bagay na ipinagdamot mong ibigay?
Ginny: Marco… Marco…
Marco: I deserve an explanation! I deserve an acceptable reason!
Ginny: Marco, I’m sorry.
Marco: O bakit? Ba’t ‘di mo sinabi sa akin ang totoo?
Ginny: Natakot kasi ako.
Marco: Huh, and you expect me to believe that? Sa tapang mong ‘yan?
Ginny: Hindi kita gustong saktan, Marco.
Marco: I almost died. And everyday, I wish I did! Tell me!
Ginny: I was beginning to see my father in you. Talunan, mababa ang pangarap. Marco, pa’no ko sasabihin sa’yo yun? Na unti-unti ng nawawala yung paghanga ko sa’yo, yung respeto ko. Natakot akong maging katulad tayo ng Nanay at Tatay ko.
Marco: Kahit masakit, dapat sinabi mo. Alam mo kung ano ang namatay sa akin, Ginny? Trust. Hindi ko na kayang magtiwala sa’yo.

Beb: Kaibigan kita, and I refuse to watch you kill yourself.
Ginny: Beb, intindihin mo naman.
Beb: Ikaw ang hindi makaintindi. Nandiyan si Patty dahil sa’yo. Dahil nung iniwan mo si Marco, binigyan mo siya ng karapatan na magmahal ng iba.

Ginny: Sabi ko, Ginny, edukado ka naman. May master’s degree ka nga sa Barcelona. Hindi ka pinag-aral ng mga magulang mo para magpakatanga sa isang lalaki. Alam ko naman lahat ng sinasabi ni Beb. Alam ko naman yung tama. Pero bakit ganun? Kapag kaharap ko na siya, hindi ko magawa.
Wela: Alam mo kung bakit? Kasi umaasa ka pa. Yung hope na ‘yan, lason ‘yan. Parang drugs, nakakaadik.
Ginny:Pag wala kasi nun, Wela, sobrang sakit. Bakit ang sakit?
Wela: Tiisin mo! Tanggapin mo hanggang makaya mo’t mawala na.

Hay nako, Mare. Adik ka na naman sa pag-asa. Try mo kayang lumaklak ng realidad.Wela

Ginny: Marco, there are three words I’ve been wanting to say to you for five years now. I am sorry dahil hindi ko kinayang sabihin sa’yo yung totoo. I’m sorry dahil iniwan kita. I’m sorry dahil nasaktan kita. I’m sorry dahil natakot ako. I’m sorry for giving up on us.
Marco: Sorry din. Kasi hindi ko nakita ang mga takot mo saka mga pangangailangan mo.
Ginny: Marco, what if ready na ako sa buhay na gusto mo? Ready na ako, Marco. Ready na ako for you.

You know, some people say that it’s the saddest season. But for me, I think it’s nature of teaching us to let go of old things so that we can bring life to something new, that’s why it’s my favorite season. And Marco, Marco is my autumn. – Patty

Ginny: Patty, how sure are you that Marco wants to be with you?
Patty: I’m sorry, Ginny, what did you say? Ginny?
Ginny: Hindi kasi, ‘di ba, sabi mo sa baking, dapat committed ka. Dapat sigurado ka susunod na step na gagawin mo. Gaano ka kasigurado kay Marco? I don’t mean to offend you. Ah, I hope you don’t mind. I’m just being realistic here. In fact if you think about it, I may be helping the two of you kung hindi pa naman talaga kayo sigurado sa isa’t-isa.
Patty: Are you okay Ginny?
Ginny: You need to face the truth, Patty. Logic lang. If there’s the slightest ounce of doubt you, ‘di ba dapat pakawalan mo na siya? Hayaan mong makasama niya yung babaeng mahal niya at gusto niya. Just think, Patty. If you end it now, it can actually save the both of you from having a miserable future.
Patty: Are you sugge-
Ginny: Stop it, Patty. Don’t patronize me. Stop being nice. We both know we can’t be nice to each other.
Patty: And why is that?
Ginny: Because I am his ex! I am the love of his life! I am his past. I own a big part of him na hinding-hindi mo makukuha.

Ginny: Patty, I loved him first!
Patty: And you let go of your chance.
Ginny: Pero mahal ko pa rin siya. At mahal pa rin niya ako. So please, Patty. Just let him go. Just set him free. Please.
Patty: Okay. So, how sure are you na ikaw ang mas mahal niya?
Ginny: Because I saw it in his eyes. I felt it when he touched me, when he held me…
Patty: Do you mean-
Ginny: Yes, Patty, more than what you think I mean.
Patty: Ang lungkot-lungkot siguro talaga ng buhay mo. You know, Ginny, Marco and I, we don’t have that big, romantic kind of live story. In fact, ours began in the most unexciting way – as friends. Now, our love may be quiet and boring, but it’s sure, with the right amount of respect and trust and even an allowance for mistakes. I love him, Ginny. And in love, there is no fear. Sana isang araw makahanap ka rin ng ganung klase ng pagmamahal.

My love is greater than your failures, Marco. Pero ‘wag mo naman akong paglaruan. Be fair. – Patty

Kung ako, ako. Kung siya, siya. But you have to make a choice. – Patty

Babastedin mo ba ‘ko? Quota na ako sa lifetime na ‘to.Ginny

I was willing to wait, Ginny… Kaya lang napagod ako. Napagod ang puso kong maghintay, magtanong, magalit.Marco

Sana masabi ko sa’yo na tayo pa rin. Na walang nagbago. Pero hindi na tayo ‘yang mga ‘yan, Ginny. – Marco

Marco: Kaya ngayon naiintindihan ko na kung bakit kailangan nating magkita. Kung bakit kailangang mangyari ang lahat ng ito sa atin.
Ginny: Closure?
Marco: Para maging buo tayo uli. Para mabigay natin sa taong mahal at mamahalin natin yung pagmamahal na nararapat-dapat sa kanila, ‘di ba?

Marco: Paano ko hindi mapapatawad ang isang taong nagtulak sa akin to become a better version of myself?
Ginny: O, ako naman ang tulungan mo. Sabihin mo sa akin, how do I unlove you?
Marco: I don’t know. Honestly, hindi ko alam. Kasi para sa akin, I can never unlove you, Ginny. I just love you in a different way now.

Ben: Ito na siguro ang pinakamagandang regalong naibigay sa’yo ni Marco.
Ginny: Ending?
Ben: Ang tsansang makapagsimula ng wala ng kahit anong tanong diyan sa puso at isip mo. Hindi lahat nabibigyan niyan.
Ginny: Time?
Ben: Sapat na oras hangga’t sa mapatawad mo ang sarili mo.
Ginny: Time to grow up, Tay?
Ben: ‘Yan naman ang pinakamagandang regalong maibibigay mo sa sarili mo.

Well there you have it! Oh, and hint: watch out for the ending. You wouldn’t want to miss that surprising part. x

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