Thoughts on an un-solitary night

February 14, 2014

Before this year started, I told myself I wanted to let go of the drama on complaining I don’t have any flowers or chocolates and so I share with you 14 random things on my 14th of February.

  1. My morning devotion mainly focused on friends (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12). I love the fact that God gives us people who He knows can help us as we go on with our life. He sends people who can double our joy and abate the grief we feel along life’s journey. He sends people to help us become better ones because He cares that much.
  2. I downloaded the CovLife app and started listening to the sermon archives this morning. It’s nice to hear a sermon even on a weekday and I was blessed with Part 1 of Joshua Harris’ Never Give Up series.
  3. Dada’s good morning text, nuff said. “Happy Hearts Day my lovely princess. Love you po. From your King Dada.
  4. My date with Mum. We watched Starting Over Again and ate dinner. I have no regrets on spending this day with her. I tried hard to put down my phone and listen attentively to her whenever she was talking because I know she likes it that way. She reminded me how things are going to be so different once I start working that’s why she’s making the most out of whatever time we have right now.
  5. We bought Tutty a pack of Eggnogs, packaged in small servings for her to “feel loved” today. Yes, we spoil her that much.
  6. Got featured on Filed. I cannot really put into words how I love Filed! For the record, they were my first ever sponsor for a giveaway on my blog last year, and yet I love the fact that we have established a relationship although I haven’t personally met the guys and girls behind this wonderful product line nor have I been to their main office. At any time, I would gladly make a post for them because that’s how they touched me, that’s how much I believe in them, and that’s how much grateful I am for having them believe in me.
  7. This wonderful Tangled case.
  8. Being reminded of God’s wonderful love for me. (John 3:16; John 15:13)
  9. I felt the need to create a Dream Wedding Details pinboard on my Pinterest and randomly stuffed it with anything I fancied. Let’s say this is a change of heart of some sort because I’m not really the kind of girl who has pictured out her dream wedding the moment she turned six.
  10. Feeling happy for those who are so much inlove. Guys who went out of their own way just to sweep the girls they love off their feet. Girls who exerted effort in baking, or buying gifts for their loved ones. Couples, both young and old, celebrating in their own special ways. One day, it will be my turn. In God’s time. 🙂
  11. I watched the floating lantern scene again for the nth time. It just never fails to make me feel thrilled and hope in love as beautiful as Rapunzel and Flynn’s. Hashtag sorry not sorry.
  12. My desire for a consistent jogging routine is slowly coming back. I hope this lasts until the end of the year. I srsly need to lose some pounds.
  13. I know a lot of people have been wishing for a date today since this month started. While they went gaga on who to go out with today, I found myself praying harder for a job.
  14. I checked if I still know the whole love chapter (1 Corinthians 13). My mind hasn’t failed due to its rustiness yet. “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

I know you might have probably noticed I count the simple things as things which bring me joy. I started developing the habit of thanking God for even the minutest things since I started keeping my spiritual journal (although I know it should have been this way years ago). I haven’t ended any day since without a smile on my face.

I strongly believe I am maturing slowly. I don’t know if this is but mere self-proclamation, but I can actually feel it. I may not have had received any flowers or chocolates but that didn’t make me feel sad. I now know I can firmly say that love cannot be measured with the flowers or the chocolates for the former wilts, and the latter later on comes out as waste. I now know I can firmly say that just because you’re physically alone, doesn’t mean your lonely. I may not see God, but I believe He is always with me (Isaiah 41:10). So I am burying the days when I kid about being “forever alone”.

Just like what I said in my previous post, Hearts Day isn’t for boy-girl, man-woman relationships only. It’s for anyone you love and those who love you – family and friends included. This post is not meant to lecture you on what you should have had in your mind for today for I know that each person has their own way of celebrating it, but sometimes it makes me wonder why people only do things just because the world is celebrating it. My point is, why should we wait for the 14th of February, when we can let the people we love feel how much we love them, at any time of the day, everyday?

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