10 Lessons Fairytales Teach Us

March 27, 2014

I’ve been watching Once Upon A Time  for the past days (one of the many reasons why I haven’t updated my blog for the past weeks). I must say, the people behind the storyline of this majestic TV series are so good in making sure all the stories we’ve grown up with are connected with each other. Due to this amazement I’ve been feeling since I watched the pilot episode, I came up with 10 lessons I personally learned from reading and watching fairytales (even from before). Lessons which remind us why even in our adulthood and old age, we still love listening to, reading and watching fairytales.

  1. There’s no place like home, and no people like family. Most stories involve families – both biological and not. I know not every person in this world has a complete and happy family, but what I love about fairytales is that they emphasize the fact that no matter how bad things have become because of shortcomings and misunderstandings, at the end of the day, your family (or in others’ cases, the closest thing to family i.e. friends, people who raised you up, etc.) will always be there and will always accept you no matter how bruised and broken you’ve been and no matter how long you’ve been away.
  2. True love is never easy. I, for one, refuse to believe in happily ever afters despite the fact that I love fairytales. I believe love is built on trust and commitment, and that genuine love seeks not its own interests but the betterment of others. Most of the time in fairytales, we see that princesses rush on marrying someone they haven’t really known for a long time. But with OUAT, you’ll realize how all the fairytale stuff turns out to be just fine when stricken with reality. True love is never easy, yes that’s true, but once you have it, it will never be lost and replaced.
  3. Friends play a critical role in one’s life. As the cliche of all saying goes, “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” Our friends add fun to our lives and next to our parents, they become our support system and conscience when we fail to think straight for ourselves. If you’ve chosen the right friends, then there is no doubt they will help you in your path to success. However, friends that are poorly chosen may lead us to roads we should never really take at all. We must choose our friends wisely, and make all friendships last.
  4. It teaches us what hope is and how much we should value it. Even in the midst of nerve-wracking, soul-dragging, body-weakening trials, all we have to do is have faith that one day, everything will turn out just fine because God wills for us to be the best out of these struggles. A person without faith is more likely to give up so easily than one who has.
  5. Do not haste to make decisions while you’re mad, and do not promise when you’re too happy. This is the common mistake we do. Sometimes we have to remember that words are just mere words unless we put it to action. Promises that are said in bliss tend to turn out broken ones once in pain. And the hasty decisions in anger often lead to regrets in the end. We should learn how to detach our heart and mind from each other especially when making decisions so as to avoid more pain and bitterness in the future.
  6. Never trust a person too easily. I’m not saying never trust people. What I’m pointing out is never give others your trust so easily. Save yourself from getting hurt (or in other princesses’ cases, getting poisoned, falling in a deep sleep, etc.). It’s about time you start mastering the art of trusting someone while starting from a clean sheet of paper. I believe we all know that trust is a vital part of any relationship and that without it or with a broken trust, a relationship may be treading its end. It’s always better to be cautious in trusting people because it’s something that can’t be brought back easily once it’s broken. Some people can never even bring it back once it’s gone.
  7. Take a leap of faith once in a while – you’ll never know when it might lead to your happiness. In most stories, it’s the trying-to-get-away-from-my-tower/stepmother/stepsister/parents/norms/etc. that makes all the lead characters feel so alive. Although I am not pro-rebellion, sometimes, we all just need to get out of our comfort zones and chase the dreams we so long have been walking towards to reach. Most of the time, we are so afraid to take risks that we end up with extreme remorse once we realize that to have tried and failed is better to not have tried at all. Who knows? The fulfillment, success and/or bliss you’ve been searching and waiting for is at the end of that risk’s road.
  8. We should always be ready for consequences. Rumplestiltskin always reminded people in OUAT that magic comes with a price. I think it’s always best to consider what the possible consequences are of our actions and reactions. I think we all know that each of us can never have everything we want. We should always remember that what we sow is what we reap. So if we go on sowing seeds of anger and ill-feelings towards other, then that is what we will reap. If we go on sowing bad acts, then that is what we will reap. I don’t believe in karma. What I believe in is that in every action, word, or thought, there has been, is, and will always be a consequence, whether good or bad.
  9. Some of us think we need a hero, when in fact we can be one. Most people, especially girls, always wait for their “prince” or “knight in shining armor” to come and rescue them. But I prefer to be my own than to go on and depend it on other people. Look around, even in the simplest ways, I believe everyone can be a hero to anyone. We all just need to be brave in standing firm on what is right and what others need.
  10. No matter how bad the situation is, good always wins. Oh, this is the best part. I cannot think of the best way to explain this but to change one word: No matter how bad the situation is, God always wins. God is the source of everything good, and we always need to remember that God allows us setbacks because He prepares us for major comebacks. It may not be so evident with all the evil news and bad people who continue to roam around this world. I know this may be hard to believe in a world filled with violence, sin and treachery, but having faith and a deep relationship with Him allows us to be strong amidst everything that the world may dart at us.

Each fairytale grants us with different sets of lessons but they always give us something to ponder on. There may be no magic in this life, but I believe, with the right amount of faith, hope in love, we will all go on living a life we would gladly turn each page should it be published as a story.

Care to share some important lessons these wonderful stories have taught you? Feel free to share them with me! x

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