My Life in Bullets Vol. 02

April 22, 2014

Hello guise! I’ve been on a brief and unannounced hiatus because there were just a lot of things on my plate the past weeks. My draft posts have been piling up and blog ideas have been sprouting unwantedly although it makes me really sad I can’t find the right words to express it all. Well anyway, here’s just an overview of what I’ve been doing (since I last posted):

  • I tried out Rodolfo’s Tex-Mex Diner (with my friends) and Marie’s Culinary Creations (with my sister). I have yet to make decent posts about these two.
  • Mourned with two of my sisters-in-Christ’s family when they passed away. I was really busy with preparing AVPs for the both of them and at the same time trying to come up with decent special numbers for the violin and choir.
  • Felt encouraged and motivated during our Music Camp just last week (April 14-17). I can’t wait for the Singles’ Retreat in Pili this coming April 28-May 1.
  • My Mum’s best friend came home (from UK) and gave her one of my best beauty discoveries as of this moment: The Body Shop’s Strawberry Body Butter.
  • Constant struggles with inconsistencies, my ever so complicated mood swings and my laziness.
  • Been trying to figure out what I really want and need to do with my life while thinking of target companies to walk-in to once I go to Manila.
  • I have gained a lot of weight and it makes me want to cry buckets of tears. But fret not, dear self, as I plan to try and lose a few pounds in the weeks to come.
  • I am more than thankful my Hope is still alive.
  • Had a lot of realizations especially during the Holy Week. I need to try to do something about these things.
  • I bought myself a belated grad gift, and I plan to finish it before this month ends.

If you want a view of what’s going on in my everyday life, follow me on Twitter on IG. I almost always post ¬†musings and stuff there! I’ll try to finish all my lined-up drafts this week before I go away since I won’t be able to update my blog (and other social media accounts) from April 28 to May 1. There’s just a lot of emotional battles going on and I only have Christ to thank for giving me all the grace I need to continue. I hope you guys all had a blessed Holy Week. x

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