My life in Bullets Vol. 05

March 8, 2015

I was in an unannounced hiatus of some sort for the past month. Got really busy with work and my personal life. So here are a few updates (just in case you’re wondering in what rabbit hole have I been hibernating in)!!!

  • I am now a regular employee in the company I work in! *insert confetti and slow clap here*
  • I’ve been on the endless dilemma of transferring to WordPress or not. (Oh Rej, why can’t you just make a decision already?!?) I kinda think a new environment may help me to blog better again.
  • I missed blogging… a lot!!!
  • I’m trying my best to stay fit by trying hard to eat healthy and jog.
  • I’ve had the most memorable Valentine’s Day celebration. Someone pulled a Barney Stinson play on me but I still love him for it. No words will ever suffice to describe how thankful I am for having a guy who’s just different (in the best way possible).
  • I just feel happy that I’m crossing out stuff from both my wishlist and to-do list this 2015. I’m craving for something new though!

There’s just so much I want to write and blog, so many things I want and need to do, yet so little time (or I’m just not managing my time well). Well anyway, I hope the next few weeks will pave the way for things to be done!

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  • Reply Danielle May 28, 2015 at 8:41 pm

    Good luck on your new job!!

    Hope you can visit my blog too and tell me what you think about my recent post. Let me know if you wanna follow each other! All the love. x

    Kept and Found on Midnight Blues

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