Skin Like an Egyptian Queen: Cleopatra’s Secret PH

April 8, 2017

Egyptian women are more or less known for being a handful of the most beautiful faces in the world. A person in Roman History once said this about Cleopatra, “For she was a woman of surpassing beauty, and at that time, when she was in the prime of her youth, she was most striking; she also possessed a most charming voice and a knowledge of how to make herself agreeable to every one.” Now, who doesn’t want to have skin as beautiful as her? What if I can tell you that you can get the closest thing in the Philippines through Cleopatra’s Secret PH?

Cleopatra’s Secret PH

Cleopatra’s Secret Natural Skin Care, or more fondly known on Instagram as @cleopatrassecretph, is a Filipino-owned and made natural skin care brand. Their mission is to deliver healthy skin for all through their products rich in phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals, and eco-certified ingredients that are naturally derived. Katrina Monares, owner of said brand, told me that their natural ingredients are imported mostly from Europe, and a few from Morocco, Mexico, Jericho, and many more. She even makes the products herself so she knows how to adjust it to your own skin type! Before sending me the products, Katrina asked me what my skin type was and what my skin goal is. I told her that I have normal but sensitive skin and that I wanted to have a more glowing, radiant look.

Cleopatra’s Secret PH focuses on three things:

  1. Skin whitening that focuses on lightening dark spots
  2. Enzymatic exfoliation for glowing and more vibrant skin
  3. Antioxidant & vitamin boost to bring back life to skin

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned a few times in this blog that I started to ditch/boycott products that test on animals and try to look for more cruelty-free and natural brands that I can use and tell other people about. As much as possible, I really would like to get into trying products made by fellow Filipinas, too! Aside from what they’re selling, I really love the skin care and beauty tips they post on their Instagram account and detailed descriptions of what their products do.

Based on my skin type and goal, I got the Crystal Peel Facial Care Set from Cleopatra’s Secret PH and I instantly fell in love with it! Although it has peel in its name, they assured me that there’s no peeling involved, just dissolving dead skin cells through the active enzyme ingredient they get from France.

Cleopatra's Secret PH

Cleanse: Glow Boosting Facial Cleanser – P165 ($3.31) Small; P350 ($7.03) Big

The Glow Boosting Facial Cleanser has a foamy feel to it. It’s 100% handmade and natural so it has no preservatives or sulfates. You’re assured that the cleansing won’t harm your skin with any chemicals. It has extra virgin olive oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, jojoba, babassu, and other ultimately moisturizing oils. Upon using it, I already felt my face being cleansed thoroughly without the dry feeling.

Cleopatra's Secret PH Cleanser

Usage: Morning and evening (everyday)

Tone: Crystal Peel Rosewater Toner – P200 ($4.02)

I swear, this is the most fragrant toner I have ever used in my life! The Crystal Peel Rosewater Toner has Rosewater, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C and E, and pore minimizing extract. I feel that this toner contributed a lot to helping diminish age spots, fine lines, and discoloration in my face.

Cleopatra's Secret PH Toner

Usage: Morning and evening, after washing my face with the cleanser (everyday)

Moisturize: Crystal Peel Oat and Milk Facial Moisturizer – P400 ($8.03)

What I love about this product is that aside from having SPF, Vitamin C and E,  and pollution and damage defense, it also has antioxidant rich oils which brightens and softens skin through intense moisture and hydration. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth upon waking up and all throughout the day. It made me feel more glowing and radiant that I didn’t see the need to put on make-up everyday.

Cleopatra's Secret PH Moisturizer

Usage: Morning and evening , after toner (everyday)

Pore Minimizing Face Mask – P100 ($2.01) Small; P250 ($5.02) Big

I really love the minty, cooling feeling the Pore Minimizing Face Mask brings. I used it once a week as per Katrina’s advice. It has strong electromagnetic charge when activated by water, acting like magnet pulling toxins, oil, and heavy metals from your pores. You can literally feel the mask unclogging your pores as you leave it on and wash after. Aside from that, it reduces the outbreak of blemishes, alleviate redness, and also fight allergic reactions from irritating lotions or face washes, which, by the way, I have experienced a lot of times before with non-natural products.

Cleopatra's Secret PH Mask

Usage: Evening, once a week only

You can buy it per product or order the complete Crystal Peel Facial Care set for P1500 ($30.12) (includes Body Lotion, Facial Moisturizer, Rosewater Toner, Night Repair Face and Body Moisturizer, and Anti-Aging Milk and Facial Soap).

The Verdict

I started using the products on January 17 of this year. I brought them here in the US and consumed all of them around last month. So that was my routine for more or less two months: I cleanse, tone, and moisturize day and night, every single day and then use the face mask once a week only. On my first and second week, I already felt my skin changing. I looked forward to doing my regimen everyday. But with the change, my impurities came out also. I had a few pimples on my face but I was patient with it and I’m so thankful I didn’t get discouraged about it!

My skin also started to peel but I believe it was because of the sudden change in climate and the environment. My dark spots started to lighten and the uneven tone slowly faded away. I became more confident to go out and not wear make-up, only using my moisturizer. It really felt good to let my skin breathe for almost a month! I know you’re pretty curious of what the result is so I did try to take a decent photo of myself without any make-up on. I seldom post a photo of myself in this blog so here you go. Lol.


Will I use it? 100% yes! I have already consumed all of it and it sucks that I’m so far awaaay from home to reorder!

Will I suggest or refer it to others? Of course! I love the results of the Crystal Peel set.

Will I buy it after it’s all consumed? I have already consumed it and I will totally order some more!

Favorite item(/s)? I actually have two favorites! I love the Rosewater Toner and the Pore Minimizing Face Mask. 

Where can people buy it? You can text (09156180485) or message them on Facebook or Instagram for orders!

Check out Cleopatra’s Secret PH’s social media accounts! Don’t forget to follow their Facebook and Instagram accounts to get the latest updates on new products!

Cleopatra’s Secret Natural Skincare

Website / Facebook / Instagram

Disclaimer: Cleopatra’s Secret PH sent me products for review. All thoughts and opinion are completely mine.

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