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Favorite Fridays

Star Wars, Tangled, The Big Bang Theory, the color green – anything. As long as it’s my favorite, I’ll blog about it on selected Fridays!

Favorite Fridays: My current favorite game!

September 6, 2013

You might find it hard to believe if I claim that I’m a gamer. Well, I was sort of a hardcore gamer circa 2010-2011 but it just changed when fourth year came and a lot of responsibilities piled up. And when I say hardcore, I mean games that most boys play! Continue Reading

Favorite Fridays: One of My Favorite Sitcoms

August 23, 2013

I’m not really a couch potato. Well, I was when I was younger. But all I ever really watched were cartoons, movies and teleseryes (yes, unfortunately, I was a fan because I had no choice since my Mum was “in control” of the remote every evening). When highschool came, I started watching a few TV series – Gossip Girl and Grey’s Anatomy to name a few. But I think they were too serious for me and I didn’t actually watch them diligently. Continue Reading

Favorite Fridays: My Favorite Spot

August 16, 2013

Like Sheldon Cooper’s favorite spot in Leonard and his’ apartment, I have my own. Well, technically, this is my only spot in our house because this is my work area. It’s pretty obvious I have a lot of things on my table (wait till you see my durabox and the shelf under the table) because I tend to “hoard” stuff. I’m the type of person who can’t really go out and come home without buying anything even just a pen or a notebook. Most of the time, that’s something bad, but it’s helpful sometimes. Like when my Mum needed a new notebook asap and I had one unused notebook I just gave to her instead. Continue Reading