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10 Lessons Fairytales Teach Us

March 27, 2014

I’ve been watching Once Upon A Time  for the past days (one of the many reasons why I haven’t updated my blog for the past weeks). I must say, the people behind the storyline of this majestic TV series are so good in making sure all the stories we’ve grown up with are connected with each other. Due to this amazement I’ve been feeling since I watched the pilot episode, I came up with 10 lessons I personally learned from reading and watching fairytales (even from before). Lessons which remind us why even in our adulthood and old age, we still love listening to, reading and watching fairytales.

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On being a Grammar Nazi (and not falling prey to one)

March 12, 2014

 I admit I am a Grammar Nazi. You can blame my intensive campus journalism training for this and the mere fact that I grew up with an exuberant desire for reading. It has its perks and disadvantages but most of the time I dwell on the former. For those who do not know what it means, a grammar nazi is a common term used on the internet and on social websites for an individual noticing a grammatical or spelling mistake and correcting it consistently (definition not mine; I copied it here). Well, I think what sets me aside from extreme grammar nazis is that I don’t always go commenting on other people’s posts to correct them, unless I’m in the mood to troll around, and unless of course you’re my friend and we’re really close. Continue Reading

So, ano po ba ang ipinaglalaban natin?

July 23, 2013

Seven nights ago, I was browsing my Facebook news feed. While scrolling down, a picture shared by a page I have liked on Facebook really caught my attention, pushing something from inside of me to share it on my timeline. But I knew sharing it won’t be the end. Now you might be wondering what the photo was. It’s the one above.

Forgive me, if ever I offend a few with this post. Anything you read here reflects my own views and not of others. I don’t have anything against the person in the big photo (although for a fact, I don’t like him, as simple as that) but I do have something against how a few of the people of our generation today tend to wallow in too much awe with things that are not really that important. Continue Reading

I don’t know but…

June 20, 2013

I don’t know… but maybe it’s the movies to blame, the books we read, the TV shows we watch, the songs we listen to, the quotes we receive, the stories we hear. Maybe they’re to blame for the misconceptions young people have now of love. Young as we are, we are blinded that we need to be loved and feel loved. As if the love from the family and friends we get is not enough. As if the love, oh, the unconditional love from God isn’t enough. Continue Reading

Sentiments of an unregistered voter

May 8, 2013

I have a confession to make. And probably it’s very obvious in the title of this blog post already.


I did not emphasize that statement because I’m proud. I put much stress on it because it is such a bittersweet fact. I was unable to register for this year’s election. It was entirely my fault. School became too much to handle and there was just too much going on especially during  the last month of voters’ registration. I’m an unregistered voter not because of complacency. So please don’t tell me I’m an irresponsible citizen of the country because I know well how much I want to vote. Continue Reading