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I’m saying goodbye

June 30, 2014

I’m saying goodbye to the girl who was naive. I’m not going to cling to childish reactions anymore. I’m going to say goodbye to the easily stressed person I was and always remind myself to not be anxious and pray without ceasing. I will open my mind and listen when others point out my mistakes, only so I could be better. I’m saying hello to someone who knows what she’s doing and how to react properly, someone who, despite having experienced a lot, is still humble enough to take in criticisms – both negative and positive, someone who knows how to accept things because she knows that God works all things together for her good and others. Continue Reading

Five things that make me smile

June 20, 2014

I’m the kind of person who loves smiling. Someone once even called me “Happy” because that’s how I usually am. No matter how bad a situation is, no matter how annoyed I get because of unfortunate happenings, no matter how stressed I am, I make it a point that I smile everyday. I know a lot of people think I’m hard to please (and hard to reach) but the people closest to me know very well how modest my happiness is. Smiling does not only relay our happiness to people but it also reduces stress and makes us more attractive (who wouldn’t want that anyway?).

I know the things that make us smile may vary because of our differences. But as for me, here are five of the things that never fail to make me smile.

Continue Reading

Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

June 16, 2014

comfort zone (n.) a place or situation where one feels safe or at ease and without stress

About two weeks now, my laptop, Boo, gave up on me. I don’t know what’s the problem yet because as of the moment, I don’t have enough resources to get it checked and repaired. I’m not really comfortable blogging from my phone and my tab, so thanks to Dada for letting me borrow his laptop when he’s in the office. I know by this sentence you’re probably asking, what’s the connection of my laptop being broken to the title and the first sentence of this post. Because you see guys, Boo was my comfort zone. Continue Reading

Of friendships I have loved and lost

May 25, 2014

I’d like to say I’m quite an affable person. I like meeting new people and hearing their stories. I love walking through different walks of life in my mind when I listen to what others have experienced. I love gaining new friends and being with the old.

But I have a confession to make: I have trouble keeping friends. Continue Reading

My Second Chance

April 5, 2014

I had every reason not to attend this year’s graduation. We already finished our thesis last October, finally had our manuscript bound, finished our clearance and I already had my diploma, TOR and other important documents with me a month or two ago. I could have applied already, could have gone to Manila to pursue my dreams of becoming an IT professional, but I decided to lie low in applying and patiently waited for March 31 although I had every reason not to.

All of those reasons were overpowered with my desire to come up the stage not only for myself but for my parents. It was my way of giving back. It was my way of letting my parents reap what they have sown with blood, sweat and tears, in striving hard to help me get through college. It wasn’t all me, it was all for them. Continue Reading