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A Make-Up Noob’s Wishlist

October 14, 2015

I’ve admitted a couple of times in this blog how much of a make-up noob I am (refer to these two posts, here and here). I’ve slowly been trying to come out of my shell and be more interested in and comfortable with make-up (not that it’s a requirement in blogging). Some of the bloggers I follow really amaze me with their make-up skills that they really inspire me to at least learn the basics. Continue Reading

Certified Positive Prayer Journal + Giveaway!

September 10, 2015

I’m a prayer warrior. I’d like to call myself that as I developed a deep love for prayer a few years back. I used a small notebook just to keep track of people or things I should pray for, then cross them out when they get answered, and clearly I was reminded of God’s omnipotence and mercy as He answered prayers in the span of days, weeks, and months. That was just a small piece of notebook with nothing but bulleted prayer requests for each month. But I cherished it deeply. Continue Reading

For the spiritual one: 2015 Certified Positive Planner

December 14, 2014

Funny how time flies so fast. It was just the start of 2014, and now it’s almost 2015. I’m sure you guys have a long list of things to be thankful for, and things that you want to forget. But what’s good about every year is that we are always given the chance to start fresh and anew, and put away all the things that hurt us and never really benefited us. It’s time to know our priorities and firmly decide on how we plan to start and spend our 2015. And that, my friends, is where the Certified Positive Planner comes in ~

Aside from the fact that it helps people get organized in fixing their schedules and to-do lists, it does one other thing which I believe is the most important: it is an instrument used by God to bring you closer to Him. Now how can that be when it’s just a planner? Let me show you the unique, inspiring, and very motivating features of the Certified Positive Planner.

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For the creative soul: FILED’s 2015 Scribble Planner

December 5, 2014

Hi guys! We only have less than a month before 2014 ends and I’m quite sure you guys are already coming up with your own to-do lists, wishlists, and whatever lists you want to make before you officially turn the last page of this year. Now what better way to welcome 2015 with a planner that is not only for the creative, but the ones who also aspire to be, the 2015 FILED Scribble Planner! *confetti moment here*

As many people know, FILED is not just any other brand for me. They’re my online shop family of some sort and I’ve mentioned them more than a few times in my blog. And when I won in their Wanderland promo last October, I received this lovely planner as a prize! One of the main features of this planner, is that FILED stepped up the game in making you unleash your creativity as you are allowed to put on dates and months in whichever portion you like + the pages are rearrangeable!!! Isn’t that pretty innovative? I plan to make mine not in chronological order LOL. Well anyway, let’s see more of what’s inside.

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