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Superaena Reviews: Gear 4 Espresso Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: Small yet Surprising

July 13, 2014

This week, a mini yet mighty surprise came in the mail today. The super cute Gear4 Espresso Wireless Bluetooth Speaker! The GEAR4 brand is owned and managed by Disruptive Hong Kong Limited (formerly Disruptive Ltd). GEAR4 was launched in 2006 and has been the market leader for both docking speakers and iPod and iPhone cases ever since. Aside from the aforementioned, they also have speaker docks and accessories as products.

TBH, I’m not really a fan of speakers because I listen to music with my earphones most of the time (yes, I don’t like quiet and dull moments while working). I started using mini speakers when my Dada bought one and let me use it but the downside to that was it needed a cable/wire so that I could play music from my gadget(/s). But Espresso changed that! Continue Reading

What’s the big deal about FILED?

July 3, 2013

I came across Filed! just last year, when blogger friends from Tumblr started uploading photos of Filed’s 2013 Doodle Planner. I told myself, I will have my own, one day. When I got to have my own planner last January (thanks to a friend, you know who you are x), I started being so engrossed with it. And then one friend asked, “What’s the big deal about FILED?” I was too overwhelmed to answer. Continue Reading