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What’s nice about NICE2013

January 30, 2013

I just came home this morning from a four-day convention from Laguna which is the National Innocation Conference on Education (NICE2013). At first, I was really nervous that my parents won’t permit me to attend the said event because of personal matters. But I’m very thankful they did because it was a very wonderful experience! I was there to attend the awarding for our college publication, Scientia, was one of the many newly accredited clubs of UNESCO.

We left for Laguna last Friday, January 25, 2013 on a rented van. It was never a dull moment during our trip since I was with the best bunch of people! From Legazpi to Laguna, our trip lasted for almost 13 hours because we had to stop over every now and then whenever someone needed to pee or got hungry. Continue Reading

Bituon Beach Resort – A Star in Masbate

August 8, 2012

I was browsing through my files on my laptop when I saw these pictures again. It made me miss Bituon Beach Resort a lot. We usually go there for Holy Week with our relatives and stay for 2-3 days or so since they have rooms for people who would like to stay there for a couple of days or weeks. Aside from enjoying the beach, it has been a habit of ours to collect shells from the seashore during late afternoons. Continue Reading