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Farewell, 2015!

December 31, 2015

I have this year-end tradition in my blog wherein I list down four things, the amount of each corresponding to the last two numbers of the year. It’s a way for me to share with others what happened in my 2015 – highlights, lowlights, and some lessons I realized. Since it’s 2015, I’ll be listing 15 items for each list.

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Certified Positive Prayer Journal + Giveaway!

September 10, 2015

I’m a prayer warrior. I’d like to call myself that as I developed a deep love for prayer a few years back. I used a small notebook just to keep track of people or things I should pray for, then cross them out when they get answered, and clearly I was reminded of God’s omnipotence and mercy as He answered prayers in the span of days, weeks, and months. That was just a small piece of notebook with nothing but bulleted prayer requests for each month. But I cherished it deeply. Continue Reading

Letters to God Project

May 21, 2013

Last week, I watched a movie entitled Letters to God. It’s about a 10-year old boy named Tyler Doherty who has cancer and an admirable faith. Everyday, he wrote letters to God, put it in an envelope and sealed it with a stamp. He gave each letter to their street’s mailman to actually “bring it to God”. A lot of lives were changed because of what he did. Not only were their encouraged to write letters to God, but their faith was strengthened and they realized the importance of both God and prayer in their lives. (If you want to watch the movie, click here [x]) Continue Reading

Why should I thank God?

May 22, 2012

Why should I thank God? I thank God for creation. For the wonderful moon, the beautiful stars, the vibrant sun. I thank God for the night sky, and the daylight. I thank God for the breathtaking views of both ocean and landforms, and even the magnificent sky, with the clouds as embellishments. I thank God for the birds that fly high up in the sky. I thank God for the fish that swim in the sea, the coral reefs that serve us home to these fish. I thank God for the sweet smell of flowers which beautify the lands, for the plants that bear fruit and the trees that give us shade. I thank God for every small or grand thing in nature. I thank God for Creation. Continue Reading