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Why Manila may not be for me

September 17, 2012

I was born in Manila.

Not until I was two, my Mom and Dad brought me here in Bicol. I stayed here since then and we just went to Manila every other year as part of vacation. As a child, I was so thrilled everytime Mum told me that we will be going to Manila for summer. I thought that everything was in Manila and that Bicol is just plain and ordinary. I remember staying at my Tito’s house in Muntinlupa when I was around 6 or 7 years old, shortly after my grandmother (from my mother side) died. I stayed there with them for a month or more until Mum and my sister followed for vacation. I was so naive back then that the only thing I remember was that I was so pleased with what was in Manila. Too much food, too much toys, too much of everything that’s not in Bicol. I compared it to Bicol too much and told myself that I want to live there. But I do remember missing Mayon Volcano so bad as well. Continue Reading